Beware Of Ladies (1936)

beware of ladies 1936

Standard story raised a few notches by Judith Allen as a reporter covering a reform candidate out to replace the crooked machine. It’s funny now that her character’s name is Betty White.

John Williams has been the crooked D.A. in town for many years. Now it looks like there’s finally someone who can win the election from him. He’s straight arrow George Martin (Donald Cook). Newspaper editor Charles Collins handles Martin’s publicity and throws the paper behind him. He wants reporter Betty White (Judith Allen) to cover the campaign and make sure there are daily stories about Martin.

Collins can’t reach her. She’s busy telling her philandering husband Freddy they’re through. She’s moving in with her sister. She finally goes to the paper. She tells Collins she’s going on vacation. He says he’ll give her a month’s paid vacation if she covers Martin.

Williams gets in touch with Randy Randall. He has a phony law firm with fictitious names on the door. He makes his money as a blackmailer. Williams wants him to get some dirt on Martin. He’ll consider it a big favor.

Betty attaches herself to Martin. She sets up pictures of him helping old ladies, holding babies and doing anything else she feels will get him the women’s vote. Martin’s not happy with the stunts and wants her to stop. They’re becoming attached to each other.

Randall finds out that Betty is married and has his boys get a hold of Freddy. If he files an alienation of affections suit against Betty he’ll make some bucks. Okay with him.

On her own Betty calls Martin’s butler/chauffeur Henry and tells him to pack a bag so Martin can get a rest at his country lodge. A plant in Martin’s office overhears the call. He gets in touch with Randall. It’s the opportunity they’ve been waiting for.

One of Randall’s boys follows Martin to the lodge. Betty gets a call from Henry to come out to the lodge. It’s important. Of course Betty doesn’t know that Henry is doing it at gunpoint. Betty gets to the lodge and Martin’s asleep. He’s not happy she’s there and doesn’t know why she showed up. He tells her he doesn’t know anything about a phone call. She hears a noise and jumps onto Martin. That’s just when their picture is taken through the window.

Randall doesn’t tell Williams he finally has what he wants since he’s not being paid for it. He decides to shake Martin down. Martin gets a letter about Freddy’s lawsuit. It’s news to him since he always called her Miss White. Betty is steamed and goes to see Freddy and reads him the riot act. He goes to Randall’s office. Things don’t work out as planned.

The movie now goes into a more serious vein and it’s a nice wrap up. A forgotten B picture that’s worth seeing. Too bad Judith Allen didn’t make more movies. She appeared mostly in westerns.

Judith Allen

Judith Allen



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