Markham (1959-60)

Ray Milland as Roy Markham

Ray Milland as Roy Markham

Ray Milland is a P.I. who used to be a top lawyer in New York. Simon Scott played his assistant John Riggs but was dropped after a few episodes and Markham was on his own to travel the world and fight crime. The music is by Esquivel.

September 21,1959 episode: “Strange Visitor” w/Louise Fletcher and Willis Bouchey – Markham is getting ready to settle in for the night. Outside his house young Billy from the camera club tells him he’ll have his camera fixed for him. Inside he’s going to call it a day when he spots Ellen Amery (Louise Fletcher) passed out in his bed. He goes to make a phone call when three men with guns appear.

Ellen comes to and tells Markham she never saw the men who nabbed her. He says it’s a good she didn’t because they won’t have to kill her to keep her from identifying them. He even tells her to keep a sheet over her face so she can’t see them.

Ellen is a rich heiress who Markham recovered a stolen bracelet for a few months back. One of the men calls Ellen’s father Joseph (Willis Bouchey) and demands a half million dollar ransom. Joseph’s secretary Alan took the call and handed him the phone. Remembering what he did for Ellen a few months back Joseph calls Markham.

The kidnapers want his to deliver the money to Markham’s house the next morning. He does it. Just as he’s leaving here comes Billy with Markham’s camera. He walks in and starts explaining what he did to it when he sees one of the gunmen in the mirror. He tries to run off but is gunned down. Ellen runs out and now she sees the kidnappers Looks like the game is up. But…Markham has an idea and whispers to Ellen to do what he tells her.

Good episode of a good show. Too bad it didn’t last longer.



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