Now Or Never (1935)

now or never 1935

Two Talmadges’ for the price of one. Neither can act. Of all his movies this belongs at the bottom.

Dick Rainey (Richard Talmadge) gets off the train to buy something to read. Pulling up to the train is Norman Gray (Richard Talmadge) driven by Audrey Ferry (Janet Chandler). Four hoods are waiting. He tells Audrey he needs to go back to the office. Since Rainey is his double the hoods go after him. They didn’t count on a acrobatic stuntman who can jump all over and under trains.

Norman is supposed to fence a hundred thousand dollars in stolen diamonds. He was going to fence them to Audrey’s father who is currently out of town. The hoods want him to do it before the day is over.

Dick traces Norman to his office. Norman tells him about delivering the diamonds. He suggests Dick take a fake package. He agrees because he thinks it’ll be a big laugh when the hoods catch up to him for nothing. They didn’t laugh. Dick gets the diamonds back and takes them to Audrey. Two of the bad guys follow Dick to Audrey’s. He gives the package to her and she puts them in a safe. Robert the butler provides the last number to the combination.

Back in town the other two hoods are keeping an eye on Norman in the street outside his office. They finally decide to go up and make sure he’s still there. Now they change their minds. They’ll sell the diamonds and cut Norman out. Norman doesn’t have a choice. He reaches in his jacket for the package. Uh-Oh. He forgot he changed jackets with Dick to fool everybody. Then he discovers the package in a different pocket and hands it over. The hoods decide to check it out. It’s an empty box. So long,Norman.

Dick discovers the body and the cops show up. He says Audrey’s in trouble and he has to save her. A cop calls and while being held at gunpoint Audrey says everything’s okay. The cops buy it but Dick doesn’t and gets away. He steals a police car and the big chase is on. He gets a chance to do a lot of stunts at the waterfront before it’s all over.

If you like stunts it’s fun but if you’re looking for at least some kind of storyline go see some other movie.



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