The Case Of The Black Pearl (Sally Of The Subway) (1932)

the case of the black pearl (sally of the subway) 1932

Entertaining movie about a con man and his daughter bilking a jeweler with the unsuspecting help of a broke Grand Duke. The ending is way past believable but in movies of this type it doesn’t really matter.

Grand Duke Ludwig of Saxe-Thalberg (Jack Mulhall) and his aide Leopold Von Trump (Harry Semels) are stuck in a New York hotel. They owe a large bill and they’re broke. Funds from their embassy are currently frozen. Then they get some visitors.

Stanley Gordon (Huntley Gordon) and his daughter Sally (Dorothy Revier) drop by and say they had to meet Ludwig. Stanley says his son was captured by Ludwig’s until during the war. Since he was treated well Stanley had to thank Ludwig. Stanley gives him a check for a thousand dollars to cover the bill. All Ludwig has to do is act as his agent in buying a black pearl. He has one and wants a match for a pair of earrings for his actress girlfriend. In order not to cause gossip he wants Ludwig to take care of the purchase.

Meanwhile a circular comes into the police station. Sally of the Subway is back in town after three years in prison. She’s a con women who deals in jewelry and she usually worked her con in the subway.

Ludwig takes the pearl to Wallington’s Jewelers. The manager Mr.Moffitt has a minor con of his own. When a customer is dissatisfied he blames everything on Angela (Blanche Mehaffey) and pretends to fire her to satisfy the customer. Just before entering the store Ludwig sees Angela. He’s smitten.

In Moffitt’s office Ludwig says he wants a match for the pearl and doesn’t care what it costs. Gordon and his gang have their scam all mapped out. Gordon has a match for the pearl and sets up gang member Scaggs as a jeweler who tells Moffitt he has a match. Moffitt buys it for thirty grand thinking he can get at least forty from Ludwig.

One night Ludwig takes Angela out to dinner. Also there are Stanley and Sally. Angela has the circular with Sally’s picture. As things move along Ludwig feels guilty about his status and confesses to Angela that he’s broke and actually works. He tells her what his job is and she has a surprise for him. He may end up in Sing Sing.

The ending is unreal but it was important to Hollywood to make movies with feel good endings. It’s worth watching.

Dorothy Revier

Dorothy Revier


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