Clancy In Wall Stret (1930)

Charles Murray as Michael Clancy

Charles Murray as Michael Clancy

Through a misunderstanding a man ends up with a money making stock. It changes him in this comedy-drama with Charles Murray and Lucien Littlefield doing some old vaudeville routines complete with corny jokes throughout the movie. It’s awkward and looks like some of the cast wasn’t all that comfortable with the newfangled talkies.

Plumber Michael Clancy (Charles Murray) is trying to fix some pipe in a stock brokers office. Through a misunderstanding with broker Freddy Sanders he buys stock in a pipe company instead of actual pipe. He buys it on margin and Freddie says he’ll have to have a check. The stock is making money so Clancy stays in.

That night he and his wife along with daughter Katie (Miriam Seegar) visit Andy MacIntosh and his wife and their son Donald. They’re celebrating twenty years of Clancy and MacIntosh Plumbing. Some friends drop by to drink, sing, drink and drink some more. Katie and Donald go on to the fire escape to get a little closer.

Later on Freddie wants another check. Andy finds out Clancy is using the firm’s money. He won’t have it. He calls it gambling. Clancy dissolves the partnership. The money rolls in. Donald is leaving town for a while. Downstairs he’s upset to see Katie in a car with Freddie. She says he’s going to drive him to the station. Donald says he’d rather walk.

After some time Donald comes back from his trip only to see the Clancys’ are movin’ on up to the east side. They finally got a piece of the pie. That doesn’t mean Donald and Katie don’t make up. Clancy’s not happy. He wants Katie to be with the rich Freddie.

The Clancys’ are now in their fancy apartment complete with a maid. One day Mrs.Clancy calls Andy about a leaky pipe. That gives Michael a chance to put on airs. Later some new friends are over and it’s obvious Clancy is a fish out of water. His attitude gets so bad that Katie walks out. Then….it’s Black Tuesday.

The movie shows what too much money too fast can do to a decent man. Of course it all ends in redemption. It’s not preachy for a second. It may hold some interest for those that want to see some of the veteran vaudevillians on film and a few silent stars trying out the new format.

Miriam Seegar

Miriam Seegar

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