The Avenging Ray-Seamark (Austin J.Small) (1930)

austin j small (seamark)-the avenging ray

On the moors of Devon, England stands a cottage. It’s owned by a seven foot tall mad scientist. He doesn’t want to take over the world. He wants to reduce it to atoms. This is fun, fast paced early stuff

Gerry Windemaire is visiting his friend Sir Robert Harrigan. He sees a trail that’s totally burned out. That’s just one weird happening in the area. He also saw a wild swan drop out of the sky for no reason. The highlight of his stroll, along with his faithful terrier Mack, is Roasaine. He sees her at the cottage gate. If the perfect girl could be designed, here she is.

Gerry went to the country to avoid the women who keep shoving their daughters at him. He’s twenty-seven and rich but is not ready to settle down. He’s not happy when Robert confesses the main reason he invited him was to reacquaint him with daughter Valerie in hopes of matrimony. Gerry is steamed. All that’s forgotten when the lights start acting crazy. Both feel a burning sensation on their hands and Gerry has to think fast before the place blows up.

Outside they see a wire that goes off in the distance to Rose Cottage. The current tenant is Carlo Damian, a very mysterious figure. He’s spotted walking through the moors. Gerry and Robert lose each other while tracing the wire. Gerry gets to the cottage and sees Rosaine inside just sitting in a chair reading. He goes to an out building and sees a machine. It’s obvious that’s the cause of the problem. He sets about destroying it.

He sees Carlo go into the cottage. He’s surprised to see Carlo and Rosaine very up close and personal. He angrily heads back to Robert’s. Before he gets there he spots Robert out cold and tied and gagged. He carries him back home. The next day the doctor says he’ll be out for a good while. Gerry calls Scotland Yard and a detective is on his way.

Things get complicated when Valerie is spotted coming up the drive. In the house is a visitor…Rosaine. Gerry tells her about finding Robert and says she better tell him what’s going on and that Scotland Yard is on their way. She tells him Carlo is gone. They don’t know it but listening outside the door is CID detective Bob Standy. There’s a commotion outside. Robert is dying. Gerry rushes upstairs. Robert makes Valerie promise she’ll marry Robert and then expires. Robert isn’t happy with that death bed request.

While all that was going on Rosaine took off. Robert heads for Rose Cottage. He runs into a panicked Pym. He’s Robert’s head gardener. He says the forty acre Black Pool Pond is gone. When Gerry gets there he sees a huge dry hole. It’s all true. Carlo sneaks up on him. Gerry fires seven bullets into him. They don’t even slow him down. Gerry is knocked out and Carlo carries him to his secret place inside the caves.

Before it’s all over Gerry will learn all about the Disintegrator Ray and the Degravitizer. In less that twenty-four hours London will be the first to feel the ray and then Earth will be blown to atoms.

This is fast paced escapism and a fun read.

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