River Patrol (1948)

river patrol 1948

Hammer must have had some old film stock they wanted to use up. This is pointless from beginning to end and has all the suspense of watching debris float down a river. That would have been a good idea to do to this one.

Somewhere out there on the water is the Water Guard. One night they catch up to a gang of smugglers and one of their own stops a bullet. The Water Guard guns sound like cap pistols.

Robby (John Blythe) gets assigned to bring down the gang that’s smuggling nylons. He teams up with agent Jean (Lorna Dean). They patrol the docks looking for a lead and find one in a pub. A drunk named Joe comes in with some nylons and they take him to headquarters. He has a token from a club on him.

Time now to bring in Nicky the stoolie. He says it’s from the Shoehorn Club. Robby and Jean head on over. Robby gambles and draws the attention of Sid the owner. Robby says he can provide some good bootleg Scotch. Jean gets hired as a hostess.

They eventually meet the big boss known as The Guv. He makes a deal with Robby for some booze. The Guv goes to a cafe in France and makes a connection for more nylons. He makes the deal on his boat. He says he’s happy the nylons are so strong. Good quality. That comes in handy as he strangles his supplier and has his hapless assistant toss the body overboard. A friend of the supplier isn’t happy and weakly tosses a knife at The Guv. He in turn pulls out a sword cane and the river has another body to play with.

Back at the Shoehorn while The Gov is downstairs Robby goes upstairs to search the office. Blythe’s movements look like he thinks he’s in a silent movie and has to exaggerate every move. It’s unintentionally funny. The Guv catches him and hits him over the head, knocking him out. Jean overhears them saying that he’s being taken to….Oh No!….The Old Warehouse. She calls headquarters.

It goes for a big finish and has a dumb ending scene. This isn’t a movie. It’s an excuse for one.

This was Lorna Dean’s only movie.


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