Android Armageddon-Robert Tralins (1974)

robert tralins-android armaggedon

The Earth colony Pulsar-143 is controlled by a computer and a secret group known as the Secretariat. No one knows who they are. One man is picked to bring it all down. This is escapist SF with a lot of suspense and action but not too much action that the story gets lost. It’s pretty obvious that Tralins was trying to make a point about voter apathy and that you get the government you deserve when you don’t take part in the election process.

Captain Doyle stopped an invasion of alien androids out to take over the Pulsar-143. Instead of a hero’s welcome he was kept out of the public eye. Then…hero status. He’s appointed to Commandant of the Orrery in the capitol city of Mnemosyne. The Orrery controls everyone and everything. After being programmed with the secrets of the Secretariat it’s death for revealing anything. Doyle promised he would stop speaking out against the totalitarian rulers. He didn’t promise that he wouldn’t act against them.

It doesn’t take him long to realize he’s been set up. His former girlfriend Petra is back in his life. She’s been engaged to Captain Kagan but that’s about to change. Kagan is appointed Doyle’s security officer and that means he’s in charge of where Doyle goes and what he does. The fact that Doyle and Petra are together again makes his blood boil and he has plans to destroy Doyle.

Petra leads Doyle to a waterfall that scanners can’t see because splashing water covers the lenses. There’s a secret entrance that leads to a group known as the Kinsman. Doyle is shocked to see scientists and doctors believed dead. One of them is Petra’s grandfather who headed the Orrery before supposedly being killed in an accident. He left behind in a secret room in the Commandant’s headquarters an atomic clock. It’s a doomsday weapon. They’re the core of the rebellion and they’ve chosen Doyle to dismantle it all. That includes the computer Justivac.

After the briefing Kagan arrests Petra for allowing Doyle to get out of sight. His jealousy knows no bounds. Doyle is on his own as he searches for a way to change everything. Not helping any are the subhuman android like servants. Somebody armed them. Good suspense makes this a good read for fans of one man against all odds.


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