Creature From The Black Lagoon (1954)

creature from the black lagoon (1954)

Legendary cult film about a guy in a rubber suit that has a thing for a human female. B movie favorites Richard Carlson, Richard Denning, Whit Bissell and Julie Adams are scientists on the hunt for a mysterious creature that lives in a lagoon off the Amazon River in Brazil. Seeing it in 3-D helps a lot in enjoying it. Otherwise it’s just okay. In it’s favor is all the underwater photography.

Dr.Carl Marla (Anthony Mareno) finds the fossil of a claw stuck in some limestone. He leaves two native guides behind while he heads for the institute to find out what he has found. David Reed (Richard Carlson) and his girlfriend Kay (Julie Adams) take the claw to their boss Mark Williams (Richard Denning).  An expedition is now on its way back to the site. Coming along is Dr. Edwin Thompson (Whit Bissell). They all board a boat owned by local Lucas (Nestor Paiva).

When they arrive back at the camp the guides are in pieces. A hand creeps along and is just about to grab Kay’s leg but she moves and the frustrated creature heads back underwater. It takes a while but they finally make it to the Black Lagoon. David and Mark take a dive to look for rocks. The creature is keeping an eye on them. Kay decides to take a swim. The creature sees what he’s been missing all these years and follows her. She does some water ballet moves and the creature is trying to control himself. He’s had enough and reaches out for her foot. She doesn’t notice and heads back. After she gets back on board the creature is trapped in a net.

The creature tears his way out but leaves a talon behind. Mark wants to take his trusty spear gun and nail him. David wants to take his picture. Mark reminds him just who’s the boss. They both get their way as Mark shoots him and David takes his photo. Back on board David develops the picture. He’s got a nice shot of water.  While David and Mark argue one of the guides on board is dragged underwater. His brother isn’t happy.

Lucas comes up with a drug he says will paralyze the creature and they can capture him. He tries to grab Kay again but misses once more. The other guide is killed but the effort was too much for the creature and he’s captured. Our intrepid scientists imprison him and wonder if he’ll survive. Mark wants to get out of there but David wants to do some more exploring. David gets his way and leaves Dr.Thompson and Kay on board. The creature is not down for the count yet.

There some action to come that lifts the movie out of the doldrums.  Two different people played the creature, one underwater, the other donned the rubber suit on land. An updated version is in the works.

Julie Adams is not happy to see the star of the movie

Julie Adams is not happy to see the star of the movie


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