From Headquarters (1933)

from headquarters 1933

Slow moving police procedural as the cops try to find out who killed the society playboy who just happened to be a gun collector. It is interesting seeing some of what passed for high tech at the police station and the lab.

At first it was thought Gordon Baxter was a suicide. When it was proven to be murder Inspector Donnelly assigns Lt.Stevens (George Brent) and Sgt.Boggs (Eugene Pallette) to the case. It looks like one of Baxter’s dueling pistols was the murder weapon.

There was a blood stained handkerchief found at the scene with the initial “W.” The cops bring in Broadway star Lou Ann Winton (Margaret Lindsay). Her prints were on the gun. She admitted the two argued. She described her self as his half fiancee. The fight started when he said he wouldn’t marry her but she could live with him. Complicating things is her former boyfriend Lt.Stevens.

Her hot headed brother shows up and admits he and Baxter slugged it out when he discovered her fighting with Baxter. His prints were also on the gun. Lou Ann says they were being helped by Baxter’s valet Horton in trying to recover some blackmail letters involving their mother.

Baxter also liked oriental rugs. Dealer Anderzian wants some letters back from Baxter’s safe. They were bills of sale. Bank robbery suspect Muggs Manton has something important to tell the cops but they’re too busy to listen to him. The lab makes an interesting discovery in Anderzian’s letters.

The movie takes a long time to get started as it goes through arrest procedures and methods and to show off the punch card sorter and other assorted wonders. There’s a decent running gag with Hugh Herbert as the hustling Manny Wales who is a lawyer/bail bondsman trying to get some business. A number of suspects are presented along with how the lab sorts them all out. Don’t be in a hurry to see it.


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