The Perseus Breed-Kevin Egan (1988)

kevin egan-the perseus breed

Except for a few pages near the end this is pretty dull stuff. A psychology professor is obsessed with finding out why groups of women disappear every thirty years. Maybe a few more rewrites could have lifted this into something good.

College student Share Borley isn’t paying attention as he’s walking across a bridge. He slams into Valerie¬† who drops everything. Of course that leads to dinner and fun afterwards. A woman named Dolly encouraged her to be an artist. One painting was called American Gothic:2100AD (See cover). For no reason that he could tell Valerie started acting like a spoiled six year old. Not long after that bizarre behavior she disappeared.

Now thirty years have gone by and Borley is a psychology professor. His research shows that for hundreds of years a pattern has emerged. Every thirty years groups of women, mostly loners, have disappeared without a trace. Common ground shows they all had dreams about a light in the sky and also believed they were adopted. He places ads looking for women with adoption fantasies. They could be the next to fade away.

One girl who comes to his office is Karen. She’s obsessed with becoming a movie star. Another is Gina who lacks any kind of self confidence. Then in walks Nicole. She’s almost the image of Valerie. Borley hires Paul Savage, a private detective to keep an eye on them.

He follows Karen and she vanishes from a yogurt shop. Gina is convinced by a friend to attend a singles dance. She disappears. Nicole moves in with Borley. A mysterious woman named Dolingen and her male partner Garno are also watching the women. Borley gets a lead from Savage on Dolinger who has been disguising herself as a nurse.

Savage takes a picture of the nurse and gives it to Borley who shows it around. No one knows her. One night Savage follows her to a mansion. He peeks into a basement window. Inside are capsules containing women in silver suits. He won’t get a chance to tell anyone.

The book takes way too long to get to the heart of the story and doesn’t spend much time with what could have been the interesting section. Some potential was there but never realized.


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