Do Not Adjust Your Set (1967-69)

do not adjust your set

Another sketch show that was a forerunner of Monty Python. This one features Eric Idle, Terry Jones and Michael Palin.

Opening episode: December 26, 1967 – Show opens with the cast trying to do King Lear. A woman looks at the TV and thinks there has to be something better on. She hits the TV and on comes “Musicians At Work.” They start playing chamber music and wind up with an over the top Spike Jones type bit….Palin owns a grocery store. David Jason comes in with an order and he doesn’t exactly get what he wants….A TV science show as Eric Idle explains gravity. This bit is way too lame….Time now for the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band with Neil Innes and their version of “Monster Mash.”….A quick sketch in a maternity ward… End of first half

Second half opens with a quick sketch at a border guardhouse followed by another quickie with Denise Coffey and “The Wonder Of Words.”…Now a sketch where you can see the Monty Python to come. Palin is a police constable who goes undercover to infiltrate a gang…Neil and the band are back with their version of “The Sound Of Music.”…A real quick bit with Eric Idle who is introducing a movie until he gets a surprise….Time for the best bit of the show. David Jason is the running character Captain Fantastic. He’s a secret agent who gets notes in his lunch box from a group that warns they’re taking over the world. This is funny stuff and ends with a cliffhanger….The show closes as Denise introduces the Scottish group The Tartan Thistle Club.

The second half is better but Python fans should watch it as well as “At Last The 1948 Show.”

Denise Coffey

Denise Coffey

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4 Responses to Do Not Adjust Your Set (1967-69)

  1. Joseph Nebus says:

    I remember this as a weird experience: not Monty Python, but so strongly flavored that it almost felt worse that it wasn’t the canonical team but gave off so many vibes of being such. It’s hard to see the show as itself, which is still pretty good considering. And of course it’s contextually fascinating for seeing kind of the early-dress-rehearsals for a show that formed the Internet’s sense of humor, 1974-1998.

    • vintage45 says:

      Back then America Rock radio was open to new things and would play not only Cheech and Chong but Monty Python and Neil Innis’ Bonzo Dog Band. Now listeners are missing out on anything innovative. Monty Python etc. wouldn’t have a chance now for airplay let alone a mention.

  2. TheLifeBot says:

    In my experience most members of the Python team have taken the general weirdness of the ‘Flying Circus’ into other areas. ‘At last the 1948 show’ and Palin’s ‘The Missionary’ come to mind

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