The Shadow On The Window (1957)

the shadow on the window 1957

Good one about a robbery that turned into murder. Now the three teenagers that committed the crime are stuck with a hostage.

A six year old boy named Petey (Jerry “The Beaver” Mathers) looks through the window of a farmhouse where his mother is working. He sees her employer hit over the head. He wanders off in shock. A couple truckers pick him up and take him to the produce company they work for. The dispatcher calls the cops who can’t get anything out of him and send him to a doctor.

His father is Detective Sgt.Tony Atlas (Phillip Carey). He and wife Linda (Betty Garrett) have been separated for eight weeks over the fact that she took a job as a stenographer. Petey doesn’t recognize his father and sodium pentothol can only get him to remember seeing something through a window.

Back at the farmhouse Jess (John Drew Barrymore), Gil (Corey Allen) and Joey (Gerald Sarracini) argue about what to do about Linda. Jess wants to kill her but Joey puts his foot down. Tony heads back to their apartment to try and find out where her steno job took her that day.

The three teens almost panic when the phone rings. It’s the farmer’s niece. She was expecting her uncle over for dinner. The three come up with a plan. Gil will go home. He’ll wait for his drunken stepfather to pass out so he can steal his car keys. He’ll drive back to the farmhouse and take everyone across the border. to Mexico.

Before Gil can leave he has to hide behind a hedge as the niece drives in with her husband. They go to the garage after not getting an answer at the door. It looks suspicious because there’s a light on inside the house. In the garage they see Linda’s car. The husband sees the registration and thinks the farmer is having a good time and he doesn’t want to interfere. They drive off.

Tony and a number of officers are continuing their investigation. At the farmhouse Linda has a plan. Gil’s big plan isn’t working out so well.

Lots of good stuff to come. See this one.

John Drew Barrymore is the son of the legendary John Barrymore and the father of Drew Barrymore. He had a very strange existence and ended up a derelict.

John Drew Barrymore means business

John Drew Barrymore means business

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