Before Morning (1933)

before morning 1933

This just creaks along but it is interesting to see Leo Carrillo play a snake many years before riding into TV fame as Pancho on “The Cisco Kid” (1950-56).

Actress Elise Manning (Lora Baxter) has a daughter in the hospital. She is about to give up the stage. Her old friend Jim Nichols drops by. He always had designs on her but his wife probably wouldn’t understand. She’s says she’s thinking seriously of marrying a man named Horace  Barker. Jim understands and they’re still best friends.

Jim isn’t feeling that great. His doctor told him to lay off the booze because of a heart condition. He’s about to leave when he doesn’t feel well. He lies down in Elsie’s bedroom. That’s it. He’s now in the endless sleep. His wife probably really won’t understand that circumstance.

Elsie calls some friends downstairs at a party to help. They decide to take the body to Dr.Gruelle’s (Leo Carrillo) sanitarium and say he died of heart failure there. As they’re about to take him out, Horace drops by. While proposing to Elsie her pals walk out with the body and drop it. Horace is upset but agrees to go along with it and he still wants to marry Elsie.

Dr.Gruelle is her next visitor. He says Jim died of nicotine poisoning. He found a copy of his will in his jacket pocket. It leaves two hundred thousand bucks to Elsie. Gruelle wants half to stick with the heart failure story. Then he phones Jim’s widow and tells her to come over.

He tells Elsie to wait in another room and he makes the same blackmail offer to Mrs.Nichols. Elsie comes out and says she’s not covering up anything. This is one of the slowest moving films around but it does come to a nice ending.

Lora Baxter was better known as a stage actress. This was her only movie.

Lora Baxter

Lora Baxter

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