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Shadow Squad (1957-59)

British private eye series that started with Rex Garner as ex-cop Vic Steele who opened the agency with George Moon as Ginger Smart. Smart is an ex con who did time for safe cracking.  After thirteen episodes Garner left the … Continue reading

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Traitor To The Living-Philip Jose Farmer (1973) (Exorcism Trilogy)

This is the third entry in the series. The first two are “The Image Of The Beast” (1968) and the second is “Blown” (1969).  The first two were published as porn but this one is totally different. This one is … Continue reading

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Radio Cab Murder (1954)

Good British B about a cab driver who goes undercover to bring down a robbery gang. A woman robs a travel agency of foreign currency at gunpoint. On the way out she fires a few shots to keep everybody in … Continue reading

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Mister 880 (1950)

Pleasant comedy about an inept counterfeiter who passes phony one dollar bills. Among other mistakes the bills have the word Washington misspelled. He’s been getting away with it for ten years. The secret service brings in an agent from L.A. … Continue reading

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The Four Skulls Of Jonathan Drake (1959)

Silly horror movie about ancient curses, shrunken heads and sewn up lips. Jonathan Drake (Eduard Franz) is haunted by visions of skulls. It happens whenever he holds on to a shrunken head. He gets a message that his brother Ken … Continue reading

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The Case Of The Smoking Chimney-Erle Stanley Gardner (1943) (A Gramps Wiggins Novel)

Gramps first showed up in 1941’s “The Case Of The Turning Tide.” This is the second and last time Gardner used the character. Gramps travels the country in his old,beat up car with a home made trailer attached. Last time … Continue reading

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The Pepsi-Cola Playhouse (1953-55)

Half-hour anthology series hosted by Arlene Dahl then Anita Colby and finally Polly Bergen. October 30,1953 episode: “The Ragged Stranger” w/Hayden Rorke and Natalie Schafer. This is a good one. – Larry is hitchhiking. No luck. He spots a closed … Continue reading

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