The Crusader (1932)

the crusader 1932

Ned Sparks is the reason to see this one. He plays a sleazy reporter out to bring down a crusading D.A.

A woman is executed for killing her man. Some suspect it was self defense but D.A. Philip Brandon (H.B.Warner) sticks to his story that her shady background made it a case of murder. He says there are more law breakers on the streets than in prison and he’s out to bring them all down. Reporter Eddie Krane (Ned Sparks) thinks he’s a phony.

Brandon’s sister Madge is going around with a man who under a different name was a notorious blackmailer in New York. Brandon’s wife Tess (Evelyn Brent) tries to convince her to drop him. She won’t. Tess goes to see her old bos  and the man she lived with in New York for a year, Jimmie Dale.

Dale ran a speakeasy where Tess was a hostess. Now he runs a clean place in town and if anyone wants a drink they have to bring it with them. He won’t sell any. He tells her she shouldn’t come there but she explains about Madge. He’ll see what he can do.

Meanwhile Krane has found out about Tess’ past and tells his editor to print it. He hesitates. He and Brandon grew up together and he doesn’t want to turn the paper into a tabloid. Krane keeps insisting and hangs out at Dale’s club.

Tess makes a return visit and Dale manages to hustle her out before Krane can walk in on them. Dale is now a decent guy and doesn’t want Tess to get into any trouble. Madge walks into the place with the man now calling himself Joe Carson. Despite Dale’s orders to Harry the head waiter to give them a table on the floor, Carson forces him to give them a private dining room.

Carson comes on strong…real strong. Madge keeps fighting him off. Finally she gets a gun from him and kills him. Hearing the shot Dale goes in and hustles Madge out just before Krane walks in. Dale says he’s the one who killed Carson. Krane’s not buying it. Dale sticks to his story and is charged with murder.

The movie ends quickly and isn’t the most believable since things magically fall into place. It’s still worth seeing because of Sparks. He makes you want to see him get his.


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