The Army Game (1957-61)

the army game

Service sitcom that relies on sight gags and slapstick. Not all that funny especially if you’re used to the Phil Silvers Show.  Dr.Who fans may get a kick out of the show since it stars William Hartnell who was the first actor to play the title role from 1963-73.

December 4,1957 episode:”The New Officer” –  Sgt,Major Percy Billimore (William Hartnell) gets word that a temporary CO has been assigned to the post. He’s Lt.ffinch who insists his name is spelled with two small f’s. Four privates, Bootsie Bisley, Popeye Popplewell, Cupcake Cook and Professor Hatchett are, as usual, slacking off. One is reading a sex scene from a magazine until he discovers the rest of the chapter is missing and another is knitting.

ffinch inspects their barracks and orders them to clean it up. He goes back to the Sgt.Major’s office and there’s some slapstick before the scene shifts back to the barracks. ffinch orders a fire drill. He’s happy with the results. Then he orders live high explosives to be put in a storage locker next to the barracks. The dummy rounds are taken out.

ffinch wants to impress the Brigadier so he won’t be sent back to the post office. He secretly has smoke canisters placed in the storage locker. The recruits padlock the door while he’s inside. The Brigadier arrives for the inspection. No mystery where this goes from here.



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