Revenge Of The Creature (1955)

revenge of the creature 1955

Awful sequel to 1954’s “Creature From The Black Lagoon.” Nestor Paiva briefly reprises his role as Lucas, skipper of the Rita. In this one the creature gets a free trip to Florida and falls for a grad student. He doesn’t know what to do with her except pick her up, carry her around, put her down and then…pick her up again.

In the Amazon, Captain Lucas is taking a couple guys from Ocean Harbor in Jacksonville, Florida on a mission to capture the creature. Joe Hayes dons the diving suit and jumps into the Lagoon. It doesn’t take long for the creature to attack. Joe gets out of there and the creature swims away.

Time to get serious. Joe and his pal put some dynamite into the Lagoon. They hit the detonator and..BOOM! The creature is out cold and on his way to the Sunshine state. That’s where he’s put into a tank. Joe jumps in and starts to walk him around. Looking at the action is science professor Clete Ferguson (John Agar) and grad student Helen Dobson (Lori Nelson). Looks like the two are headed for some up close and personal times.

The creature comes alive. He spots the media above and jumps out of the tank. He’s captured and put into a tank with some fish. He’s not very sociable. His temper isn’t helped since he’s chained to a metal plate and the bottom of the tank.

Helen says yes to Clete’s dinner invitation. Joe tries to horn in but quickly realizes he’s too late and does a graceful exit.  Clete gets the bright idea to try and train the creature to learn commands. He’ll use a bull prod to shock him into responding to “Stop” yelled at him by Helen. The creature finally gets the message. He also gets attracted to Helen. Later that night he sees her looking through a window into the tank. He’s hooked.

Clete and Helen go back into the tank. The creature’s had it and attacks Clete. Clete escapes and the creature is really steamed. He’s so upset that he manages to break the chain. PANIC!!! The crowd heads for the exits. The creature heads for the ocean. Like all good movie monsters he turns over a car before jumping into the water. The hunt is on.

This Gill Man is no dummy. He turns up at Helen’s motel while she’s in the shower. Her pet dog Chris has something to say about that. Clete is in the room next door and runs out when he hears Chris howl. Helen doesn’t have a clue what happened and she and Clete go outside and call for Chris. Clete tries to make her feel better about the missing dog by taking a little cruise. They won’t be alone.

It doesn’t seem possible but the movie gets even worse. Don’t even be tempted to check it out.

The Gill Man checks out Lori Nelson

The Gill Man checks out Lori Nelson




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