Hunted (The Stranger In Between) (1952)

hunted 1952

Great acting from Dirk Bogarde as a man on the run after committing murder. He’s hooked up with a six year old runaway played by Jon Whiteley.

Six year old Robbie has been warned not to play with matches. He accidentally sets the curtains on fire. He takes off and goes to a bombed out building. He runs into Chris Lloyd (Dick Borgarde). He doesn’t see the dead body. They leave.

Later the body is discovered. The police go to a nearby pub and the dead man is identified but not Chris. Robbie’s adoptive parents report him missing. The police try and figure out why he ran away. Looks like the father is too heavy handed.

Meanwhile Chris sends Robbie to his flat to get his pay packet out of a dresser. It’s a close call as Robbie has to hide when Chris’ wife comes in with a cop who is looking for Chris. Robbie manages to get out but not with the money. That night Chris sneaks in. His wife wakes up but doesn’t call any of the cops patrolling the neighborhood. Chris knocks one of them down as he escapes. Chris and Robbie head to the countryside.

Chris calls his brother to tell him he’s headed his way. He’s not happy. They get a room and Chris goes out to call his brother again. The landlady takes care of Robbie. She can’t help but notice the bruises on him. He says they’re not from Chris.

That night Chris and Robbie bond. The man Chris killed was his wife’s boss. They were having an affair. The next morning the paper has a front page story about Chris and Robbie. Her husband goes for the police. She tries to hide the paper from Chris. He puts her in a closet and he and Robbie are now on the run.

A lot of close calls add to the suspense and make this a movie that’s well worth seeking out.

This was Whiteley’s first of only five movies he appeared in.

Jon Whiteley

Jon Whiteley


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