Armchair Theatre (1956-74)

armchair theatre 2

Dramatic one hour anthology series that featured many of England’s top stars.

December 28,1958 episode: “The Criminals” w/Stanley Baker – It’s New Year’s Eve and four members of a construction company are in their basement having a private party. The next day they’ll be off to Germany. They get a surprise when waiting for them in another room is escaped convict Luce Dorell (Stanley Baker).

He tells them that the cons he escaped with are at the employees homes keeping an eye on their wives. One con is with another man’s mother. The catch is that the four are going to help Dorell break through a brick wall into the bank vault next door. Their wives’ lives are at stake.

They start the break in. One of them, Crawford, nicks a water pipe with a pick. Dorell has to patch it. He doesn’t know it’s leaking outside in an alley. Two drunks don’t notice as they celebrate the new year. The building’s night watchman comes into the basement for a drink. He’s hit on the head and tied up.

The group is in for a surprise. Dorell tells them no one is at their homes. He got all his knowledge about them from one of the group who has a girlfriend. Too late to stop the robbery now. All four have money trouble and all that cash is tempting.

Don’t want to spoil the rest as it takes a number of twists and turns. There’s a great ending.


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