Too Hot To Handle (Playgirl After Dark) (1960)

too hot to handle (playgirl after dark) (1960)

Jayne Mansfield and Christopher Lee together in a sleazy Soho strip club. Of course there are lots of girls too including EastEnders favorite Barbara Windsor as an underage stripper.  Jayne drops the dumb blonde act and does some credible acting….along with some singing and dancing. Christopher Lee is a back stabbing nightclub manager and MC.

Johnny Solo (Leo Genn) runs the Pink Flamingo strip club right across the street from Diamond Dielli’s Diamond Horseshoe. Midnight Franklin (Jayne Mansfield) assists Solo in running the joint. She also auditions new performers and does her own act.

Against her advice Solo hires the underage Stephanie “Ponytail” Swanson (Barbara Windsor). Mystery woman Lilliane Decker is a classical dancer. She refuses to have her picture taken and no one knows anything about her. Robert Jouvel is a writer for a French magazine that is doing an article about the club.

Dielli cooks up a phony protection racket with the help of Novak to run Solo out of business. He wants Solo to think the Mafia is moving in.  Novak places a note on Solo’s desk demanding five hundred pounds or else. Not knowing Dielli and Novak are behind it he agrees to the pay off. Midnight is told where to wait for a man to come by and pick up the briefcase with the money.

To keep suspicion off themselves Dielli, some of his men and Novak all wait nearby with Solo. Finally the pick up is made.  To make it look good Novak chases after the man who gets away by jumping on a boat. Back at Dielli’s club the man shows up. Dielli opens the briefcase. Instead of five hundred pounds it’s hundreds of pictures of Midnight.

Now an axe is left in Solo’s desk. That night three men in stocking masks are waiting for him and work him over and then wreck the club. While all this is happening Jouvel and Lillian are getting closer but she’s still not talking about her past. A heavy investor in both clubs, Mr.Arpels, likes to make “dates” with the girls.

Solo gets a phone call with a warning. He recognizes the voice as one of Dielli’s boys. He goes across the street and delivers some payback. It looks like things are settling down and then….one of the girls is killed.

The movie’s big flaw is the background of Lillian is never revealed or even explored. On the plus side Leo Genn is very good as Solo and Christopher Lee is a good sleaze.



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