The Pepsi-Cola Playhouse (1953-55)

the pepsi-cola playhouse

Half-hour anthology series hosted by Arlene Dahl then Anita Colby and finally Polly Bergen.

October 30,1953 episode: “The Ragged Stranger” w/Hayden Rorke and Natalie Schafer. This is a good one. – Larry is hitchhiking. No luck. He spots a closed small grocery store, breaks the window and steals some milk and bread. A car pulls up driven by Neil Armstrong (Hayden Rorke). He tells Larry to get into the car and leaves money behind to pay for the food and the window.

While driving along Neil says his wife doesn’t respect him and thinks he’s a coward. At a party a man came on to her and Neil didn’t do anything and the man laughed in his face. He tells Larry his great idea. If Larry would pretend to be a burglar, Neil could overpower him and his wife would regain respect for him. Larry agrees. They make a quick stop so Larry can get some cigarettes at a cafe. Neil gives him the money and waits outside.

At home Helen Armstrong (Natalie Schafer) is waiting for Neil. She tells the butler John it’s okay if he leaves. Neil calls and says he already had dinner and he’ll be home shortly. When he gets home he tells Helen they should  take a vacation. That’s when Larry enters. He’s got a gun. Neil struggles with him and the gun goes off. Helen is dead. John is still there and grabs Larry.

The cops come over and arrest Larry. Neil denies ever seeing him before. The cops went to the grocery store. The window is broken but there’s no money left there. Looks like Larry is lying. They also find out Larry jumped bail after being picked up riding in a stolen car. He said he didn’t know it was stolen. Neil tells the cops to get him out of there. Outside Larry breaks away and remembers something that just might back up his story.

Hayden Rorke is best remembered as Dr.Alfred Bellows on “I Dream Of Jeannie” (1965-1970).

Natalie Schafer appeared in dozens of movies and TV shows but will always be remembered as Mrs.Howell on “Gilligan’s Island.”


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