Shadow Squad (1957-59)

shadow squad

British private eye series that started with Rex Garner as ex-cop Vic Steele who opened the agency with George Moon as Ginger Smart. Smart is an ex con who did time for safe cracking.  After thirteen episodes Garner left the series and was replaced by Peter Williams as Don Carter.

November 28,1957 episode: “The Missing Cheese”-Part 1 – Scotland Yard investigates a spate of jewel robberies from homes outside London. Meanwhile at The Cheddar Cheese Pub a young couple named Harry and Annette are arguing. He’s drunk and spots a bracelet on her arm and she plays coy about where it came from. The publican Mr.Mears and regular customers Mr.Meadows and Mr.Jackson look on as the couple leave and jump in Harry’s car and take off. Later on the car crashes. Annette is killed and Harry is in hospital.

The publican hires Carter to find out who is doing some petty pilfering from behind the bar. Ginger goes undercover as a barman. After hearing a police report on the radio about the accident Ginger goes to call the police. In walks Detective Constable Wills who is investigating the crash because the bracelet turned about to be stolen merchandise.

The investigation is going nowhere until there’s another robbery. A witness says he was knocked down by a man on a bicycle. He managed to grab a walking stick from the bike, He was so mad he tossed it in the river. It sank instead of floating. Wills finds out from him that a rear light on the bike was in the wrong place. Superintendent  Whitelaw orders the river dragged for the cane.

December 2,1957 episode: “The Missing Cheese”-Part 2 – Both investigations continue. Mr.Meadows drops into the pub. He asks Ginger to get him some vodka from the top shelf. That gives him a chance to steal a small wheel of cheese from a plate on the bar. Carter calls Supt.Whitelaw to let him know since Meadows is a suspect in the burglaries.

Carter calls on Meadows and swipes an object from a table. He asks Meadows about his bike that’s locked in a shed. Meadows says he hasn’t ridden it in years and gets indignant when Carter wants to have a look at it. That night Ginger breaks into the shed and discovers the light in the wrong place on the bike and the missing cheese in a saddlebag.

At a dry cleaners a pair of trousers dropped off by Mr.Meadows has glass in the cuffs from a robbery. Ginger finds a clue they’ve been looking for when he takes part in a charity whist tournament. Supt.Whitelaw also gets a clue as the walking stick is recovered from the river. It has an interesting property.

The episodes are pretty dull and not an inducement to check out the rest of the series.

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