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Strange Impersonation (1946)

Without question, one of the absolute worst movies I’ve ever seen. There is no excuse to release a movie this bad. If there’s anything positive about it that would be George Chandler’s small part as sleazy ambulance chaser J.W. Rinse. … Continue reading

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Sinners Beware-E.Phillips Oppenheim (1931,32) (Short Stories)

Ten stories about Peter Hames. He’s a former Inspector on the New York police department that got tossed off the force when he got involved in a murder case. The man on trial was being railroaded thanks in part to … Continue reading

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Klondike (1960-61)

The show takes place in 1897 in the Alaskan Klondike region in the town of Skagway. James Coburn appeared in ten episodes. The star is Ralph Taeger as Mike Halliday. Working in the hotel are Goldie played by Joi Landing … Continue reading

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We’re In The Legion Now (1936)

Two American gangsters on the run from their boss end up in the French Foreign Legion. A comedy that turns into a action adventure movie. Dan Linton (Reginald Denny) and Spike Conover (Vince Barnett) are in Paris. They were tired … Continue reading

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Blue Limbo-Terence M.Green (1997)

Combination SF/hard boiled cop story that takes place in 21st century Toronto. It’s possible to talk with the dead for a total of four weeks after death. The device is called Blue Limbo. The dead see the world as the … Continue reading

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The 27th Day (1957)

Lame SF about an alien that gives five humans from different countries a super weapon. This is another one that says warlike mankind has got to go unless….. Eve Wingate (Valerie French) from England, Newspaper reporter Jonathan Clark (Gene Barry) … Continue reading

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Lights Of New York (1928)-The First Full Fledged Talkie

1927’s “The Jazz Singer” was mostly music and this is the one considered the first all talkie. It’s about bootleggers, coppers, dancers and a couple of small town rubes in the big city. It’s not very good but it’s worth … Continue reading

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