Fire Maidens Of Outer Space (1956)

fire maidens of outer space 1956

If you’re looking for a movie that will bring out your inner comedian, here it is. If you like movies that get worse as they move along ,check it out. There is other life in our solar system….and boy can they dance!

The U.S. and Britain get together on Project 13. It’s a joint effort to reach the thirteenth moon of Jupiter. Blast off! Like all 50’s rockets it has to get through a meteor storm along the way. Our five heroes manage to avoid them and go into orbit around moon number thirteen. Then…a voice. Luckily it speaks English. It tells them where to land.

What luck! The atmosphere is almost like Earth’s and it’s safe to breathe. Let’s all go outside! Who is that throwing rocks and what is that thing chasing a girl in a toga? She leads them to a cave entrance. Captain Larson (Paul Carpenter) and Luther Blair (Anthony Dexter) go inside while the other three hang around at the entrance. Larson tells them if they’re not back in thirty minutes, go back to the ship.

Inside Luther and Larson meet Prasus. Is he really Hugh Hefner? Is this an outer space Playboy Club? Who are all those girls? Turns out the joint is what happened to Atlantis and the sexy painting on the wall is Prasus’s granny. After the flood took out Atlantis the survivors had to go somewhere so why not the thirteen moon of Jupiter? Old Prasus and the girls are the descendants. Dance for the Earthmen!

Since Prasus is the only male left and Viagra hasn’t been invented yet males are needed. Larson and Luther are drugged and have a nice snooze while Prasus’s daughter Hestia (Susan Shaw) has her eye on Larson. Meanwhile outside the three men have passed the half hour mark and head back to the ship to have a smoke.

They run out of patience and decide to head back to the cave. Uh-oh, there’s the creature again. Bullets have no effect. A smoke grenade is useless. The creature has had enough for now and heads off. Oh no! The cave entrance is missing! They finally get to a wall. One climbs a tree to see what’s on the other side. Oh boy!!! Girls!!!!!!

Back inside it doesn’t look good for Larson and Luther. It’s even worse for Hestia.  She switched goblets between Prasus and Larson. Now look whose drugged! The Fire Maidens feel they must sacrifice her to….something.

Will Prasus ever wake up? Will the creature return? Will the girls learn a new dance routine? The suspense will have you enthralled.

Will they stop dancing long enough to answer a message from SETI?

Will they stop dancing long enough to answer a message from SETI?


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2 Responses to Fire Maidens Of Outer Space (1956)

  1. table9mutant says:

    Haha! This sounds hilarious. And the title is AWESOME. 🙂

  2. vintage45 says:

    Don’t drink anything while watching it. It’ll end up all over whatever is in front of you.

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