Wolfblood-A Tale Of The Forest (1925)

wolfblood-a tale of the forest 1925

Sometimes marketed as a horror film but it’s not. It’s a drama about a man who thinks he may be a wolf following a blood transfusion. There are a lot of title cards so it’s easy to follow. It’s just not worth it.

Dick Bannister (George Chesebro) bosses a logging camp for the Ford Lumber Company. Not that far away is the rival Consolidated Lumber Company bossed by Jules Deveroux. He sends one of his men out to shoot a Ford lumberjack, not to kill but to wound him so he can’t work. There’s nothing he won’t do to destroy the Ford Company.

Bannister calls the manager of the company to tell owner E.Ford he needs a surgeon. He doesn’t know the E. stands for Edith (Marguerite Clayton). She likes to booze it up and dance to hot Jazz. Her fiancee, Dr.Gene Horton would rather have it quieter. They both go to the Canadian woods to help Bannister.

Jacques the bootlegger (Milburn Morante) keeps the lumberjacks well supplied. That includes Ford watchman Old Pop. The lumberjacks pour it down as they worry about being shot at. Bannister kicks Jacques out of the camp. One person he doesn’t kick out is Edith. Watch out Horton.

Bannister rides toward the Consolidated camp and sees that Deveroux has built a dam so the Ford logs can’t go down the stream. They start to battle. Deveroux is joined by one of his men who crowns Bannister with a rock. They roll his body down an embankment. Right nearby….wolves.

Riding back from the village, Horton spots Bannister and takes him to a cabin. It belongs to Jacques. Horton tells him Bannister needs a blood transfusion to save his life. Jacques refuses. He recommends his pet wolf for the job. Horton has a book on blood transfusions. One page mentions animal to human is possible. But, the human may just take on the nature of the animal. Horton goes for it. He swears Jacques to secrecy.

Seems like Bannister is having a personality change after a week long recovery. He finds the book and reads all about it. It doesn’t help that Jaques has been shooting off his mouth. Edith tries to stop him running off into the woods. No luck. next thing you know word gets back that Deveroux has been killed by a wolf. Is Bannister running with the pack?

The movie comes to a convenient ending with a generous dose of schmaltz. Overall it’s a slow mover and pretty dull.


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