The Neanderthal Man (1953)

the neandrethal man 1953

An anthropologist who studies The Stone Age goes nuts with his crazy experiments. More dumb than funny even though there are a nice supply of unintended laughs and lots of overacting from Robert Shayne.

Professor Clifford Groves (Robert Shayne) lives in a cabin in the Sierras with his daughter Jan and Celia. Celia is a deaf mute Mexican servant from a charity ward in Bakersfield. Looks like an animal has escaped Cliff’s lab. The first hint that it’s huge is its roar.

At the local bar a hunter is gathering some laughs with tales of a huge cat with tusks. Even the game warden, George Oaks, shakes his head a time or two. Then he drives home. Who’s laughing now Georgie?  A saber toothed tiger jumps on his hood. That makes the radio change the station to a loud big band. He takes a few pistol shots at it. He’s a bad shot.

George and the sheriff take a plaster cast of the paw print. George takes it to zoologist Dr.Ross Harkness in L.A. . He has a few laughs but then…..George is good at sincerity and the two head back to the mountains. Ross stops at a café where waitress Nola Mason (Beverly Garland) tells him where George is. Also sitting at the counter is Cliff’s fiancée Ruth. He gives her a lift to Cliff’s place and Jan invites him to stay the night.

Cliff is in L.A. giving a lecture to some scientists about the evolution of the brain. They think he’s doing stand up. He loses it and says he’ll show ’em! Back home he’s not happy to see Ross and gives Ruth the cold shoulder. He can’t wait to get to his lab and inject something into a cat. Later Ross and George come back with a story about killing a saber tooth tiger. Now it’s Cliff’s turn to laugh. With a smile on his face he accompanies the two back to the site. Whaddya know…the body’s gone.

Back at the lab Cliff is busy. Ruth has a talk with him. After hurling verbal abuse at her and ordering her to get out she says she’ll be there for him. Okay. She’s gone. Cliff decides it’s time for him to get some serum.  All of a sudden he needs a shave and haircut along with a visit to a nail salon. He goes out the window. You just know some murders will occur.

Ross can’t help himself. He investigates Cliff’s lab…and cat. Say…what are those pictures of Celia?

This movie fans is science!

Robert Shayne appeared in a boatload of movies and TV shows. His most famous role was Inspector Henderson in “The Adventures Of Superman” (1952-58).

Beverly Garland appeared everywhere. She’s credited with starring in TV’s first series about a female cop, “Decoy” (1957-59). She’s also know to sitcom fans as Barbara Harper Douglas on “My Three Sons” (1969-72).

Uh-Oh. Cliff just isn't himself these days

Uh-Oh. Cliff just isn’t himself these days



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2 Responses to The Neanderthal Man (1953)

  1. Saw a similarly plotted film on ME TV a couple Saturdays ago, Monster on Campus, made in 1958. Scientist/Professor gets prehistoric fish specimen’s fluids into his system and he changes into a caveman type monster, terrorizing the campus and town. He, too, has a fiancee, loyal students, loyal co-workers, until they all figure out who the monster on campus is. Early Troy Donahue role, as one of the students.

  2. vintage45 says:

    It would have been more fun if he turned into a fish.

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