December Bride (1954-59)

december bride

Succssful adaption of the radio show. Spring Byington stars as Lily Ruskin who lives with her daughter Ruth (Frances Rafferty) and son-in-law Matt (Dean Miller). Harry Morgan is their neighbor Pete Porter and Verna Felton is Lily’s friend Hilda Crocker.

January 23,1956 episode: “The Rudy Vallee Show” w/Rudy Vallee – Valle had a good time having fun with his image and that makes for a very entertaining episode. The show opens with Matt trying to get out of mowing the lawn. He claims he’s too tired. Pete drops by and invites him to play a round of golf. He’s in good shape now. He finally relents and says he’ll mow the lawn.

Lily and Hilda return from an auction where the purchased a lot of items Rudy Vallee had for sale. They’re looking for a celebrity to open up their charity drive. The closest they get is an offer to have Francis The Talking Mule.

Rudy is in a nightclub dressing room getting ready for his show. This is a very funny segment with a lot of lines about how long he’s been around. His manager (Benny Rubin) tells him that everything at the auction sold. Then he admits that by mistake he added a record Rudy didn’t want sold. Later he calls Lily and offers four dollars to get it back. She doesn’t believe it’s rally Rudy on the phone. She thinks it’s Matt playing a joke. When Matt walks in the room she realizes she’s talking to the real deal.

She tells Rudy she’ll give him the record back for nothing if he’ll help kick off their charity drive. He hesitates until Lily tells him a photographer will be there. When she hangs up and tells everyone what happened Hilda sits on the record breaking it.

The next day Pete and Matt come up with a plan. Matt puts a clothes pin on his nose and sings “My Time Is Your Time” into a tape recorder. They’ll take it to a record company to have a record made. They’re hoping that there will be enough surface noise to fool Rudy.

That night Rudy shows up. Hilda and her two friends dress as flappers. Hilda does a Charleston. This is not making fun of an older woman. She really good. After posing for pictures it’s time to hand over the record.

This episode is well worth seeing for Vallee’s comedic performance.

Harry Morgan did a spin off from the show (1960-62) called “Pete And Gladys” with Cara Williams playing his wife. Verna Felton continued her role as Hilda Crocker.

Spring Byington-Harry Morgan-Verna Felton

Spring Byington-Harry Morgan-Verna Felton



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