Mr.Moto’s Last Warning (1939)'s last warning 1939

Sixth entry in the nine movie series with Peter Lorre as John P.Marquand’s Japanese detective who works for the International Police. Comic actor Richard Coote almost brings it down with a very annoying performance as a buffoon but it’s still worth seeing.

Some country is out to cause trouble between Britain and France that could lead to world war two. The French fleet is sailing into Port Said and the British Secret Service has been warned of a sabotage attempt.

Eric Norvel (George Sanders) is throwing the charm onto the wife of the French Admiral while on board ship. Also on board is goofball Rollo Venables (Robert Coote) and a fake Mr.Moto sent there by the real one.

When the ship docks at Port Said Norvel gets the fake Moto out of the way…permanently. Norvel and Rollo head to the music hall to catch Fabian The Great (Ricardo Cortez). He does a ventriloquist act with his dummy Alf. It’s a cover for his real purpose. He heads the gang that’s leading the sabotage effort.

He has a book listing agents and detectives. There’s no photo of Mr.Moto but he scratches out his name. Infiltrating the gang is British agent Richard Burke (John Carradine). Mr.Moto goes into a dressing room and through a listening device gets some of what’s going on. When he makes a noise removing the device a search is on.

Burke goes back to Fabian’s dressing room for the book. He starts to tear his picture out but Moto appears and stops him saying it would be too suspicious to have the picture missing. Fabian is staying at his girlfriend Connie Porter’s (Virginia Field) place. It’s a hotel-bar. He got her out of England six years ago ahead of the cops. He sells her a story that he’s involved with a smuggling racket.

Moto is posing as an antique dealer. Rollo comes in and he sells him a ring. Two thugs look through the window and see him holding a lot of money. When he walks out of the shop they try to rob him but Moto shows up and uses judo to take care of that situation.

Back at the theatre Fabian gets the book and sees Burke’s picture. He draws a beard on it. Fabian gets Burke out to the ship Vulcan. It’s a scam. The ship is supposed to be a salvage vessel exploring a wreck underwater. It’s actually planting mines to blow up the French fleet and blame it on the British. He gets Burke into a diving bell to watch the divers below. At the bottom Burke and Fabian drop the covers and Burke knows he’s a goner.

Fabian gets suspicious of Moto and has Connie follow him around. She sees him going into the Port Commandant’s office. Fabian orders a hit on Moto. Can Mr.Moto stop world war two before it begins?

Some good action along the way and the very last scene is quite interesting for what it doesn’t say.


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