Plunder Road (1957)

plunder road 1957

Lost B movie gem about five truckers who rob a train of ten million dollars in gold. Now they have to get away with it.

The movie hits the ground running as the first fourteen minutes are taken up with the robbery. Now they have nine hundred miles to go for their getaway. When they get to their hideout the gold boxes are divided up into three trucks.

Skeets (Elisha Cook,Jr.) and Commando drive a truck loaded with coffee, Later Roly heads off in a moving van and Eddie (Gene Raymond) and former race car driver Frankie (Steven Ritch) head out in a chemical tanker. Roly gets stopped at a roadblock. He almost gets away but the police radio in the truck goes off. Roly runs for it but gets a bullet for his trouble. Frankie and Eddie get to the roadblock. No trouble. They pull over to check out what happened with Roly.

Commando and Skeets hear about Roly’s death over the radio. They pull into a rural gas station for a fillup. When Commando opens the hood his gun falls out. The attendant can’t help but spot it. That’s it for him.  Frankie and Eddie go to a diner and hear about the murder over the radio. Commando and Skeets reach a weigh station. The truck is 45-hundred pounds overweight. The cops grab them.

A while later Eddie and Frankie pulls up in the chemical tanker. They find out about the arrest. They’re cleared to go and Eddie makes a phone call to his girlfriend to put the rest of the plan into effect with their third of the gold. No spoiler. I’ll just say it’s clever.

Crime movie fans will appreciate that the movie doesn’t slow down with deep character studies and scenes of angst etc. It’s a full caper movie and well worth checking out.

Frankie and Eddie better get their order to go

Frankie and Eddie better get their order to go




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