The Eddie Cantor Comedy Theatre (1955)


The show hosted by Eddie presented a two act play each week with a special guest star. There were twenty-three episodes in all.

June 13,1955 episode – The show opens with Eddie and Vincent Price doing some mild comedy. Eddie reads from “Romeo And Juliet” and tells Vincent he doesn’t feel the lines. Vincent tells him that’s because he’s reading Juliet’s lines. On with the show:

“How Much For A Van Such” w/Vincent Price – A gang of kidnapers want to hold a millionaire for ransom. They rent an expensive hotel suite. Their first target left on an unexpected vacation. Gang head Charlie looks in the social register for another victim. They pick Rodney Van Such.

At Rodney’s office one of his employees is trying to figure out how to tell him they need a new factory out west. Rodney is a nice guy but he’s cheap. He can’t stand the words, “spending money.”

In his office lobby one of the gang asks him for a light. He tells him about an exclusive club. He thinks talking to him millionaire to millionaire will draw him to the hotel suite if he thinks it’s an exclusive club. When Rodney asks how much and is told a hundred thousand dollars he bolts out the door. When he leaves the gang member drops his wallet. It’s turned in to Rodney because he wants to get a reward for giving it back.

In the hotel suite the gang is thinking of another angle. Charlie and the others spot Gloria adjusting her stocking. That gives them an idea. That’s when Rodney shows up with the wallet. When he gives it back, Rodney is kidnapped. He doesn’t know it as he treated to a steak dinner in the hotel suite.

Gloria is angry at Charlie for some remarks he made about women and says she’s leaving. He yells at her and Rodney takes exception and demand he apologize. He does and that gets him a lip lock from Gloria.

Charlie finally tells him he’s being held for a million dollars ransom. He calls Rodney’s office and one of the boys goes over for the money. He comes back with a check that Rodney has to co-sign. He starts to sign, realizes what he’s doing and almost passes out and stops signing.

Charlie negotiates with Rodney to find a good price for the ransom. It all comes to silly ending but it fits in with the play. It’s all mildly amusing.

Eddie and Vincent close the show with an on purpose lame joke and then Eddie sings a quick song.


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