The 27th Day (1957)

the 27th day 1957

Lame SF about an alien that gives five humans from different countries a super weapon. This is another one that says warlike mankind has got to go unless…..

Eve Wingate (Valerie French) from England, Newspaper reporter Jonathan Clark (Gene Barry) from L.A.,Professor Klaus Bechner from Germany, Sun Tan from China and Pvt.Ivan Godofsky from Russia are all taken aboard a space ship. Finally an entity that says just called him The Alien appears.  He says his planet’s Sun is going nova in thirty-five days. They’d like Earth to be their new home.

Tye have a moral code that won’t let them use violence so it’s up to Earth people to destroy everybody. The five are each given a box with three capsules. They’re all tuned to their individual wave lengths and can be opened with their minds. If a person dies than their capsules are destroyed. Each capsule can let loose enough radiation to kill off everyone within a three thousand mile range. The capsules will be deactivated in twenty-seven days. If the group can keep the peace Earth will be spared.

Back on Earth Eve doesn’t waste any time tossing her capsules into the ocean. Su’s village is under attack and she kills herself. So much for their capsules.  Eve calls Jonathan and says she’s flying in. Bechner is already there to address a conference.  So much for individual peace as The Alien takes over the world’s radio and TV and gives out their names and tell everyone about the weapons.

Jonathan sneaks to the airport, meets Eve and takes her to a horse track that closed for the season to hide out. Bechner is run over by a car and put in the hospital. Ivan refuses to discuss the capsules with his superiors and ends up gong into shock after harsh interrogation.  Earth is freaking out with each newscast. A man who looks like Jonathan is killed. That makes him decide to give himself up along with Eve. By now they’ve fallen for each other so they do everything together. They’re taken to Washington along with Bechner. A foreign power tried to kill him in his hospital room.

A Russian General is playing hard ball. The U.S. is to get out of Europe or else the capsules will be used. At the Pentagon Bechner is convinced to open his box of goodies. He wants to analyze them but an Admiral (Paul Birch) insists on a test. Somebody is going to have to sacrifice themselves for the cause. Back behind the Iron Curtain the General is going to use the capsules anyway to destroy North America.

It’s all a dumb attempt at keeping the anti-soviet paranoia going and making the human race guilty about its war like manner. Despite The Alien threatening to destroy us all using the five he’s a pretty nice guy to have as a galactic neighbor. The movie is really a waste of time.

Even if he thinks we'll destroy ourselves he's basically a nice guy

Even if he thinks we’ll destroy ourselves he’s basically a nice guy

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