We’re In The Legion Now (1936)

we're in the legion now 1936

Two American gangsters on the run from their boss end up in the French Foreign Legion. A comedy that turns into a action adventure movie.

Dan Linton (Reginald Denny) and Spike Conover (Vince Barnett) are in Paris. They were tired of their boss starting to kill his rivals and decided to get out. Spike has a habit of throwing empty bottles over his shoulder. In a cafe they spot two American women. They’re sisters Yvonne and Louis. Louise is married to Captain Henri Rillette of the French Foreign Legion.

Dan and Spike join them and then Henri shows up. They go back to their table. Spike tosses a bottle and it nearly crowns Henri. Then he sprays him with champagne. One of the girls suggested they join the Legion if they want to get away. They’re boss shows up but doesn’t see them. They sign up for a five year hitch.

On the train to Morroco they’re riding first class. Henri says that’s against regulations and orders them to leave. They’re staying put and Henri ends up being escorted out. They’ll be sorry.

Henri makes sure they have it tough at camp and Sgt Groeber is glad to help. Dan and Spike decide to go to town and they meet American Honey Evans, a dancer in a nightclub. Groeber has his eye on her and orders them back to camp. Honey objects. They end up being transferred to cleaning up the stables.

Yvonne and Louise feel sorry for them but rules are rules. Of course they continue to go their own way. One day in town Yvonne and Louise are escorting a general’s wife around. They’re being accosted by a group of natives and run into an officer’s club where Dan and Spike just happen to be. They go outside and fire some shots and disperse the crowd.

For their efforts in saving the women they get sent to a labor camp for six months. Now the movie takes a turn into action adventure. They start a successful mutiny against the sadistic prison guard. Now Henri drives up with the two women. Arab bandits take advantage of the situation and surround the camp. Help won’t get there until the next morning.

As with all movies of this kind chumps turn into champs. In its favor the movie doesn’t resort to slapstick and it’s not a bad way to spend an hour. The comedy isn’t laugh out loud funny. It’s more light hearted in spots and Barnett is his usual awkward self.

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