Sinners Beware-E.Phillips Oppenheim (1931,32) (Short Stories)

e phillips oppenheim-sinners beware

Ten stories about Peter Hames. He’s a former Inspector on the New York police department that got tossed off the force when he got involved in a murder case. The man on trial was being railroaded thanks in part to corruption on the force and two lying witnesses. As can only happen in fiction he inherited a million dollars the day after he lost his job. He moved to Monte Carlo and bought a villa where he is now an amateur artist. But the detective instincts never left and he gets involved in various adventures.


“The Cafe Regal,The Mistral And The Lady” – During a rainstorm Peter’s car breaks down. He goes into the Cafe Regal for a brandy. Toby the bartender isn’t responding and looks asleep on the bar. A customer on a bar stool,  Sybil Christian aka/Mlle.Anna, asks him if he doesn’t recognize a dead man when he sees one. He runs out. A drug selling chemist is accused of the crime and ends up shooting himself. That starts a fun relationship between Peter and Sybil.

“Anon. 1000 Pounds” – While in a bank a young man starts a conversation with Peter. Then in comes a local rich man to get a big withdrawal. Peter gets distracted and then all of a sudden the bank is robbed. Peter chases two men to the Italian border but can’t cross because he doesn’t have a passport and they get away to San Remo. Later that night he’s invited to a party on a yacht. Sybil will also be there….and someone else who will turn out to be a surprise.

“The Quarrel” – Peter’s manservant rushes into the room and tells him two men are having a knock down,drag out on the road outside the villa. Peter goes to break it up. One participant is the older Colonel Rawson and the other is the younger gigolo Salvador. The Colonel says he’s going to kill him.  Peter ends up knocking Salvador out and takes the Colonel inside so he can get himself together. The Colonel leaves without so much as a thank you and Salvador has picked himself up and taken off. They’ll all meet again in town and the reason for it all will become clear. This one has a great ending.

“The Tiger On The Mountains” – New York reporter Paddy Collins is in Monte Carlo looking for excitement. He complains to Peter that no one wants to get into a fight and it’s just too quiet. That’s what he thinks. Peter, Sybil and Paddy find out about a plot to kill the Prince of Monaco. A gang led by anarchist Lotarde is behind it all. Paddy’s met him before when Lotarde was in a cell at Sing Sing. He ordered a hit on Paddy. Time for some revenge.

“Mademoisella Anna Disappears” – Sybil runs afoul of a local gang boss who has purchased a cafe. Her maid sends a panic message to Peter and Paddy for help. Things turn out a bit differently than the guys suspected. Another good ending.



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