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Zombies On Broadway (1945)

Started out like it would be a guilty pleasure but around the halfway point the slapstick and sight gags got to be too much. Bela is a mad scientist trying to use science to duplicate what the island natives can … Continue reading

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Ma And Pa Kettle (1949)

Second entry in the popular film series starring Marjorie Man and Percy Kilbride as Phoebe “Ma” Kettle and Frank “Pa” Kettle. The Kettles’ live in a run down farmhouse with their fifteen kids. Actually it’s fourteen since the oldest, Tom, … Continue reading

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Bioblast-Raymond Z.Gallun (1985)

From scrawny kid to a Hercules like adult,Lance Tolliver could be the future of Mankind. He’s not sure what he is since he can heal the worst diseases. The book never really takes off. It’s mildly interesting but nothing to … Continue reading

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Streets Apart (1988-89)

Amanda Redman is Sylvia Grant and James Hazeldine is Bernie Walters. They use to be an item. Twenty years go by and they meet again and start over. Subtle comedy with a situation a lot of people wonder about how … Continue reading

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Sherlock Holmes Faces Death (1943)

Good entry in the Rathbone-Bruce series that takes place in a mansion with lots of wind and lightning, an eavesdropping and drunken butler and a clock that strikes thirteen. Let’s not forget secret passages. This is the sixth in the … Continue reading

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Return Of The Fly (1959)

Totally useless sequel to 1958’s “The Fly.” Vincent Price is back as Francois Delambre. This time it’s his nephew that that can’t stay out of the lab. The creature costume looks like it came from the discount rack of a … Continue reading

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From Cake-Walk To Ragtime 1898-1916

This is for collectors who are into music roots f the 20th century. Lots of rare stuff here. 1. W. Collins – Eli Green’s Cakewalk 2. Anonymous – Cake 3. Metropolitan Orchestra – Smokey Mokes 4. Sousa’s Band – Whistling … Continue reading

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