Attack Of The 50 Foot Woman (1958)

attack of the fifty foot woman 1958

Too bad the title is better than the movie. It has the “unintended” laughs, cheap special effects, stupid dialogue, everything a movie like this needs to make it a cult classic. The problem is that it dragged too much, The anticipation factor didn’t come until the last ten minutes. They were a lot of fun and the very last line is good for a laugh. For fans of 50’s SF it should be seen once. There was a remake in 1993 with Daryl Hannah.

A red round object is seen around the world. Since this is a black and white movie you’ll just have to take their word for it. The wealthy Nancy Archer (Allison Hayes) has had a bad argument with her philandering husband Harry (William Hudson) and is now speeding along US 66 in California.  She has no choice but to stop when a huge ball lands on the highway. She really freaks when a giant hand reaches for her.

While Nancy is freaking out Harry is back in Tony’s bar devouring the wild redhead Honey Parker (Yvette Vickers).  At one time Harry and Nancy were separated but since she has fifty million bucks he’s back with her. The money may come his way since she’s a lush and has recently been in a sanitarium.

Nancy runs into town and tells the sheriff and his looney deputy Charlie (Frank Chase) that she’s seen a huge satellite and a thirty foot giant. He was trying to grab a diamond she wears around her neck. It’s the world famous Star of India.  Charlie and the sheriff placate Nancy and take her back to her car. No satellite. No giant.

Back home Nancy tells Harry he should leave and then tells him what happened. He throws on the charm and gets her to sleep. Time to get back to Honey. He tells her he may be able to have Nancy sent back to the sanitarium. Nancy’s Doctor, Issac Cushing (Roy Gordon) says a trip back to the institution would be too much for her.

Nancy convinces Harry to drive around the desert and find the satellite. Her loyal butler Jess gives her a gun. He probably hopes she’ll use it on Harry. After driving around for hours Nancy finally breaks down and tells Harry maybe she didn’t see anything. Say…what are those flashes? Who’s the big guy? Harry’s a believer now. Just like the man he is he leaves Nancy there and speeds off.

Back home Harry packs up to go. Jess wants to know where Nancy is and the two brawl. Harry hits him with a bottle and takes off to get Honey in her hotel room. Before they can leave Charlie’s at the door. The sheriff ordered him to bring them in. Nancy is found later on top of her pool house with radiation burns. Dr.Cushing has a serum for her and warns the nurse about an overdose. That’s all Harry has to hear. Honey thinks it’s a great idea.

Before Harry can play doctor he can’t help but notice that Nancy’s a giant. The next day Dr.Cushing orders a load of chains, plasma and other stuff you need when there’s a giant in the house delivered.  Outside Charlie and the sheriff discover huge footprints in the garden and jump in the car and follow them. They see the satellite and walk in. Of course they run out. They have a long walk ahead of them since the giant does what every giant in the movies does, pick up their car and bodyslam it.

Back at the Archer residence Nancy’s awake and mad. Harry….you’d better run.

Do not cheat on this woman

Do not cheat on this woman


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5 Responses to Attack Of The 50 Foot Woman (1958)

  1. table9mutant says:

    How does she have clothes that fit??

  2. Joseph Nebus says:

    Movies with giants seem like they ought to be more fun than they ever are. We need more playful giants, although that might make it harder to support the drama of a whole movie.

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