Maniac (Sex Maniac) (1934)

maniac 1934

This is a must see for anyone who likes ’em so bad they’re good. This is some of the worst and hammiest acting you’ll ever see. Throughout the movie there are crawls explaining degrees of insanity so it’s educational too!

Don failed as an impressionist in vaudeville so why not work for a mad doctor? Dr.Meirschultz (Horace B.Carpenter) wants to bring the dead back to life. His assistant is Don Maxwell (William Woods). The doc took him in when he was down and out.

He wants to go to the morgue and get the body of a young female suicide. Don balks but the doc reminds him of what he’s done for him. He tells him to impersonate the coroner. They take the body back to the doc’s place. It’ll be a while until she comes around so he stashes her in another room.

While waiting for her to come around the doc orders Don to go to the undertaker’s next door. He has a heart sitting in a beaker and he wants to find a dead body to put it in. Two cats fighting scare Don and he runs back to the lab. The doc has a great idea. He brings out a gun and tells Don to kill himself. Not to worry. He’ll bring him back. Don isn’t totally stupid. He shoots the doc.

Now the doorbell rings. It’s Mrs.Buckley (Phyllis Diller-no, not that one). Her husband thinks he’s the ape from “Murders In The Rue Morgue.” Don says the doc isn’t in. Now he has a stroke of genius. He’ll impersonate the doc!

He gets a syringe filled with super adrenaline. He changes his mind and fills one with water. By accident he grabs the wrong one and Buckley goes nuts. Just then the suicide walks out. Buckley grabs her and takes off. That gives Don and Mrs.Buckley time to talk. She sees the body on the floor. Good thing the face is covered. Don says it’s his assistant Don Maxwell.

She leaves and he takes the body downstairs for another Poe reference as he makes a hole in a brick wall. Before he can stuff the body in, his cat Satan knocks over the container with the live heart. So much for that experiment. Don’s not happy. Scratch Satan. His nutty neighbor makes an appearance outside. He raises cats and was looking for a couple that got away. The next day the cops are getting suspicious. One of them talks with the neighbor who explains the relationship between cats and rats that allows him to make a profit.

Don’s wife Alice lives with a roomful of girls, including a topless one. The paper says Don has inherited a fortune from an uncle in Australia. She remembers that he works for the doc. She pays a visit. Don reveals his disguise. He comes up with a master plan with Mrs.Buckley to get rid of Alice.

This was directed by Dwain Esper who if he’s not a relative of Ed Wood he should be.

William Woods ended working in the make-up department for a lot of TV shows including “I Spy” and “Have Gun-Will Travel.”


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