Adventures In Paradise (1959-62)

adventures in paradise

Gardner McKay is skipper of the schooner Tiki III based in Tahiti. He handles cargo throughout the area. During the series he had several business partners and first mates.

March 25,1962 episode: “The Baby Sitters” – A woman (Erika Peters) is putting a baby and a dog on board Adam Troy’s (Gardner McKay) boat. Inside the nearby bar Troy is making a deal to go to Totura and bring back a load of copra in fourteen days. If he doesn’t he won’t get paid.

A lot of lame comedy as Troy goes out to sea with first mate Chris Parker (Guy Stockwell) and one man crew Kelly as they discover the stowaways. Troy can’t figure out how to change a diaper and Kelly isn’t much help either. Chris is handling the boat through a typhoon.

Back on Tahiti the baby’s grandparents (Lee Patrick and Art Baker) show up. The baby’s parents were killed in an accident and they were awarded custody. The baby’s aunt Josette (Erika Peters) has checked out of the hotel with the baby. The go to see Marcel, a police inspector.

On board the boat the baby is running a fever and Troy contacts Dr.Jameson via radio who is on a nearby ship. He tells them what to do. Jameson is now in Tahiti and stops by to see his pal Marcel and tells him what happened. Since Troy is a friend of his he knows where he’s headed.

Troy finally lands on Totura. He and Chris go to take care of loading the cargo and leave Kelly to watch the boat and the baby. Kelly is upset that Troy plans to follow the law and turn the baby over to the authorities. Troy sees Josette headed for the boat and stops her. She explains everything.

Back on board the baby and the dog are missing. So is Kelly. More lame comedy as Troy searches the island and talks with a number of Kelly’s relatives. No luck. He and Chris are about to sail with a new native crew member and Josette when Marcel shows up with the grandparents. Marcel says he’ll take care of finding the baby.

Dull episode in a series that tried to be different and did succeed, This episode is one of the few failures.

Gardener McKay played Lt.Dan Kelly in “Boots And Saddles” (1957-58). He ended up quitting acting and traveling the world.

Lee Patrick usually played gun molls in the movies. On TV she was Henrietta Topper in “Topper” (1953-55).

Art Baker hosted “You Asked For It” (1951-53).

Guy Stockwell appeared in dozens of movies and made a couple hundred TV appearances.


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