Masquerade Party (1952-60)

Ogden Nash

Ogden Nash

Celebrity panelists try and figure out who the celebrity guests are behind elaborate disguises. They have five minutes. They get to ask five questions each and keep going until time runs out or they get it. It’s a fun show. Johnny Olson is the announcer.

May 22,1955 episode: Panelists are Ilka Chase, Dagmar, Ogden Nash and bandleader Bobby Sherwood. The host is Peter Donald.

The first masquerader is back from last week. The clue is shown to the home audience but not the panelists. It’s a monocle. The person is really singer Monica Lewis. Dagmar is funny with her questions. Bobby Sherwood gets it. It 264 seconds and that means the amount goes to Monica’s favorite charity, the Heart Fund.

Masquerader number two comes out as a ringmaster. He is a master of the ring, boxer Archie Moore. Moore is due to fight the champ Rocky Marciano. He also sponsors sax player Lucky Thompson.. He comes up with some funny lines. Ogden Nash gets it after 266 seconds which goes to the Fund For The Blind.

Two masqueraders come out. One is dressed as an artist and the other as a bum. They’re Toots Shore and Lou Walters (father of Barbra Walters) owners of famous restaurants. Shore has a habit of calling his friends crum bums. It took 263 seconds. Toots sends his share to the Baseball Players fund and Lou sends his to the Actors Fund. Walters owns The Latin Quarter.

The next masquerader comes out but the show has to stop after sic seconds. He’ll be back next week. He’s not identified.


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