Sound Of Horror (1966)

sound of horror 1966

A no budget horror movie that actually works. It’s not the greatest but all those involved put effort into it and managed to make a suspenseful and decent movie. The monster is invisible but it does make a lot of noise.

A group is looking for ancient Greek relics in a cave. Professor Andre, his niece Maria and Stravos use some dynamite in the cave. They find a petrified egg and take it with them. Not smart. They go back again with more dynamite and this time a mummy falls out of the wall. Stravos is left alone.

He hears a loud noise but doesn’t see anything. He certainly feels something as he’s been torn up. The locals always said the cave was cursed. That includes Andre’s housekeeper Calliope. Some of Andre’s war buddies show up and the death of Stravos isn’t going to stop them searching for the treasure.

Here comes that monster again…somewhere. They all run back to the house. One of them, Dorman, gets a slash on his leg. The monster is loose and everyone barricades themselves in the house. That night Calliope goes to the well to get some water for coffee. She of all people should have known better.

The egg on the mantle hatches but they manage to smash it and toss it in the fireplace but it’s pal is still out there.

They try and get out of there but of course the car won’t start. Andre thinks he knows what has to be done. Think again Andre. After his great idea doesn’t work out the movie raises the suspense a few notches making for a good section leading up to the ending.

It shows what can be done with little money but a lot of thought. Movies that have this many strikes against them usually deserve them but in this case it came out pretty well when you consider the odds. The movie is from Spain.


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