Chained For Life (1952)

chained for life 1952

Bizarre idea that could have been interesting but it’s way beyond the scope of the “writers” and goes nowhere. Real life Siamese twins Violet and Daisy Hilton stars as the Hamilton sisters. One of them is accused of murder.

The Hamilton sisters do a singing act in a vaudeville show. Their manager is the fast talking  Hinkley (Allen Jenkins). The theater is packed with empty seats. Hinckley has an idea and brings in Andre Pariseau. He does a sharpshooter act with his lovely assistant Renee.

Hinckley wants Andre to play Romeo to Dorothy Hamilton as a publicity stunt. Sister Vivian isn’t happy and neither is Renee. The public goes nuts for it and it’s standing room only. One night Andre gets out his guitar and sings to Dorothy over the phone. Renee walks in and while the two of them get up close and personal, Dorothy hangs up the phone and dreams she and Valerie are separated and she has Andre all to herself.

Valerie can’t stand Andre and Dorothy wants to see a doctor about operating on them to separate them. The doctor says it’s too risky. Twenty-seven states refuse to give Dorothy and Andre a marriage license. They finally get one through a blind reverend.

Hinckley is really charged up when Andre says he’ll really marry Dorothy. He sets up a ceremony for after the show in front of the audience. The headline in the paper the next day is that Andre can’t go through with it and the marriage will have to be annulled.

It’s show time. Andre goes through his act with a pistol. Now it’s time for his big closing. He’ll use a rifle to play an organ. He shoves the table with the pistol off stage…right in front of Vivian. While Andre pumps an endless supply of bullets into the organ Vivian pumps one into him.

Now we’re back in the courtroom. Closing arguments are heard and now it’s up to the judge.

Through it all there are some bad vaudeville acts and the trial is interspersed through the movie. At the very end the judge asks the movie goers what they would do if they were on a jury.

Allen Jenkins was the voice of Officer Dibble on “Top Cat” (1961-62).


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