Womaneater (The Woman Eater) (1958)

the woman eater 1958

There’s a tree in the Upper Amazon that likes women. Doesn’t matter if she’s breakfast,lunch or dinner. But,all is not lost as the tree makes a serum that can bring the dead back to life. A mad scientist wants it so he’ll be world famous. The movie isn’t played for laughs and that’s what makes it so funny.

Dr.Moran (George Coulouris) leads an expedition into the Amazon. They find the lost tribe and observe one native having fun with a snake while another plays the congas. All this mesmerises a women. A member of the expedition objects. He gets a spear through him. Moran stays quiet. A tree is getting all excited. Lunch time!

Five years go by and Dr.Moran is back in his mansion and lab in the English countryside. He’s got a housekeeper named Margaret and the native conga player Tanga (Jimmy Vaughn) is there too. So’s the tree. Moran has a victim. She spaces out when Tanga jams on the congas. The tree chows down. Moran gets some sap..I mean serum. Oh well. Maybe it’ll work next time.

Okay. It’s next time. Moran goes into town and look at the way she walks! He can’t resist and follows her to a pub. No one there but the bartender and her boyfriend. Boyfriend is hostile because she kept him waiting. He storms out and she’ll have to pay for the drinks. Moran to the rescue. He takes her back to his place. She’s creeped out but Tanga gets down with that native rhythm. Another meal for the tree. Too bad this is another failure.

Meanwhile there’s a traveling carny outside town. Of course there’s a girlie show. Car mechanic Jack Venner is wandering around and can’t help but spot hula dancer Sally  (Vera Day). Her stint is over for a bit and he makes his move. The barker isn’t happy and tells her to get back to work. Jack decks him and Sally tells him to get out of there.

The next day she shows up at his gas station. She got fired. He suggests she try for a job with Dr.Moran. She can be an assistant to his housekeeper. She goes to visit him. Margaret is hostile but Moran doesn’t care. She’s hired.

Moran gets a second visit from the cops looking for a girl that’s been reported missing. They suspect murder. Moran tells them to search the grounds all they want.

It’s pretty easy to see where all this is going and that’s exactly where it goes. Moran and Margaret used to be an item but that was five years ago. He tells Margaret to leave. He offers Sally a full time job. She sneaks out to see Jack. They’ve known each other for two weeks so it’s time those wacky kids got married. Besides, Moran is really creeping her out.

Back at the mansion Margaret is making demands. Moran….no he wouldn’t. Yes he would. There’s a lot more fun to come and the whole movie is only an hour so if you like unintended laughs settle in and enjoy yourself.

I’ll bet George Coulouris didn’t expect to be in a movie like this when in 1941 he played Walter John Thatcher in the classic “Citizen Kane.” He had a long career that ran until 1985.

Tanga tries to introduce a woman to his tree pal

Tanga tries to introduce a woman to his tree pal


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