Gift Of Gab (1934)

gift of gab 1934

Light comedy about a fast talker who becomes an MC at radio station WGAB. It’s a chance to see some of the top singing stars of the day and also a very quick comedy turn from Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff.

Philip “Gift Of Gab” Gabney (Edmund Lowe) is a fast talking con man who is one step ahead of the cops after selling phony spot remover on the street. He talks his way into Barbara Kelton’s (Gloria Stuart) office. She’s the Program Director of WGAB radio. Thanks to some fast talking he’s the MC of the Trivers Liver Hour.

His pal Patsy keeps calling the station to say how much he likes Gabney. Fan mail pours in and Gabney is a big star. In the first show he MC’s appear the Downey Sisters with Gus Arnheim’s band. There’s also a lame comedy but from Phil Baxter and a few actors.

Gabney is made a roving reporter and covers news and sports. After broadcasting a football game he slugs the president of the alumni.. That gets him banned from the stadium. He says he’ll broadcast next week’s game anyway. He pulls it off. His success has now gone to his head.

Another Trivers Livers Hour features a song from Gene Austin and one from Ethel Waters. There’s also a murder mystery where Bela Lugosi delivers one line and Boris Karloff does some comedy. Paul Lukas is also in it.

Gabney is supposed to go to the airport to interview a VIP. he doesn’t feel like it so he goes to the studio and fakes the interview. He’s pulled off the air when it’s discovered the man he was to interview was killed in a plane crash. Gabney’s career is over as he’s fired. Can he make a comeback?

Others to look fast for are Andy Devine as a waiter, Sterling Holloway as a sound effects man and Alice White as Triver’s secretary Margot. Quartet The Beale Street Boys also appear. Newspaper columnist Alexander Woollcott appears near the end.



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