Menace Under Marswood-Sterling E.Lanier (1983)

sterling e lanier-menace under marswood

Harken back to the days when pulps were king. This is a lot of fun that takes place on a terraformed Mars. Russia and the U.S. divided the planet in half. China was upset at not being included so they sent rockets loaded with invasive plants and all kinds of insects as revenge.

Two hundred years go by. The UN troops live in forts and are nicknamed “greenies”. Living in the forest known as the Ruckland are the warrior like clan known as The Ruckers but they call themselves The True People. They’re the outcasts of society and are at war with the UN troops.

Slater is a soldier with the UN. The Ruckers have challenged the fort with tanks and heavy artillery. For some reason a few of them surrender and are taken prisoner without a fight. Captain Muller finds out that they’re concerned about what may be a Clan of giants. Giants to them are six feet tall and up. They want to toss the Ruckers out.

One of the prisoners is known as a Wise Woman. Since this is like the pulps she’s a beauty. She and Slater have some tea. Uh-Oh. They dream of being in a boat with a strange creature that takes them to an island. Her name is Danna Strom. Muller has a Rucker pal named Thau Lang.

They form a group that’s headed through the forest to try and find this mysterious Clan.  Hold onto your seats as they come across hostile tribes, huge plants and even a giant praying mantis. One human,Jaybee Pelham, is no bargain. He’s a dangerous cult leader that was almost put to death but ended up with a life sentence. He escapes and tries to rekindle his plans of a takeover.

The expedition also has to deal with traitors in their midst and then…..they are confronted by a strange creature that calls itself Satreel.

In keeping with the spirit of the pulps there’s a chapter called, “Animals,Aliens And Close Combat.” Lots of action and monsters to come for a good time.

Sterling E. Lanier

Sterling E. Lanier

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