Blood Of The Man Devil (House Of The Black Death) (1965)

blood of the man devil 1965

As bad as it sounds. A coven, a warlock, a werewolf, a black magician, a cross with something in it and a psychologist who thinks everybody’s nuts. Oh yeah, there’s also a cursed family and let’s not forget….the night of the full moon.

Dr.Eric Campion and Dr.Katherine Mallory go to the home of Andre Desard (John Carradine). He’s a black magician and has three kids, The two sons want his money. His daughter Valerie..who knows what she’s after. She and Eric used to be engaged.

One son, Belial (Lon Chaney,Jr.) has a cloven foot so he wears a cowl and leads the easily impressed villagers in a coven. Brother Paul (Tom Drake) can’t use an arm because he says he was attacked by a werewolf. Valerie shot the wolf who headed for parts unknown. Paul tells Eric that’s why she broke off the engagement.

There are some scenes of the coven spouting the usual over the top corny dialogue as they try casting a spell. Two of the members try their hand and other parts at exotic dancing.Maybe they should think about another line of work.

As things crawl along Paul takes Eric to a special room in the basement he calls the family’s private hell. It’s where they go when they feel one of their turns coming on and they have to bounce off the walls for a while.

Now they hear a wolf. Eric grabs a rifle and heads outside and Kate follows. Eric goes ahead and that gives Belial a chance to warn Kate to get out. She says she read a book once about a Satan worshiper who had two horns on his head. Belial takes his hood off. Guess what he’s got on his noggin?

Later back at the house Paul has to head for the basement. Andre examines the cross Eric carries. Hmmm, looks like white magic. Meanwhile Valerie is trying to resist joining Belial at his altar.

Andre warned Kate not to open the basement door for any reason. No matter what Paul says, leave him there. But does she listen? When she opens the door there’s a werewolf on the floor. By the time Eric and Andre get there Paul’s back to his old self…but….he’s dead. Valerie runs outside and makes a bee line for the altar. Andre wants to use that old black magic to get her back. Eric just wants to run after her.

Stupidity runs high in this drive in special where Chaney embarrasses himself and Carradine’s not far behind.

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