From Cake-Walk To Ragtime 1898-1916

Download VA – From Cake-Walk To Ragtime (1898 – 1916) (1997) [MP3]

This is for collectors who are into music roots f the 20th century. Lots of rare stuff here.

1. W. Collins – Eli Green’s Cakewalk
2. Anonymous – Cake
3. Metropolitan Orchestra – Smokey Mokes
4. Sousa’s Band – Whistling Rufus
5. Victor Minstrels – The Cake
6. Olly Oakley – Whistling Rufus
7. Anonymous (Unindentified) – Cake
8. Victor Dance Orchestra – Cake-Walk In The Sky
9. Ossman Dudley Trio – St. Louis Tickle
10. Ossman Dudley Trio – Dixie Girl
11. Musique de la Garde Republicaine – Le Vrai Cake
12. Orchestre Apga – Anona
13. Vess Ossman – A Bunch Of Rags
14. Vess Ossman – The Buffalo Rag
15. Irving Berlin – Alexander’s Ragtime Band
16. W. Ditcham – Alabama Skedaddle
17. Victor Military Band – Alexander’s Ragtime Band
18. Victor Military Band – Slippery Place Rag
19. W. Collins – Black Diamond Rag
20. Victor Military Band – Stomp Dance
21. R. Carr – That Mysterious Rag
22. W. Miller – Grizzly Bear
23. Empire Military Band – Dill Pickles Hot Stuff Ragtime
24. Mr. White (B. Whitlock) – Ragtime Frolics
25. Joyce’s Orch – I’ll Dance Till De Sun Breaks Through
26. Orchestre Tzigane du Volney – Oh That Yankianna Rag
27. Peerless Orchestra – Bacchanal Rag
28. Europe’s Society Orchestra – Too Much Mustard
29. Europe’s Society Orchestra – Down Home Rag
30. Europe’s Society Orchestra – You’re Here And I’m Here
31. Europe’s Society Orchestra – Castle Walk
32. Fred van Eps Trio – Notoriety Rag
33. Six Brown Bros – Thet Moaning Saxophone Rag
34. Joseph Moskovitz – Operatic Rag
35. Fred van Eps – Raggin’ The Scale
36. Conway’s Band – Two Key Rag

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