Return Of The Fly (1959)

return of the fly 1959

Totally useless sequel to 1958’s “The Fly.” Vincent Price is back as Francois Delambre. This time it’s his nephew that that can’t stay out of the lab. The creature costume looks like it came from the discount rack of a dollar store.

The movie opens at the funeral of Helene Delambre, the mother of Andre, the original insect. Police inspector Beecham chases a tabloid reporter away before Philippe Delambre (Brett Halsey), Andre’s brother can deck him. Philippe wants the whole story. Francois gives him a synopsis of the first movie.

Francois takes Philippe on a tour of the foundry where Andre had a real pressing problem. This doesn’t deter Philippe from wanting to continue the experiments. Francois refuses to back him. Philippe hires Alan Hinds to help him. The work will be done in the wine cellar of the family mansion which Philippe inherited from his grandfather. The place comes with a housekeeper and her knockout daughter Cecile (Danielle De Metz).

A few weeks go by and Philippe is running out of money. Francois shows up and Philippe pressures him into helping out.  Now comes the crime subplot to pad out the movie. Alan goes to see Max Barthold (Dan Seymour). He deals in stolen goods at his funeral home. Alan says he’ll steal the plans for the disintegrator-reintegrator machine. Max will contact some heavy hitters in the electronics business.  Max  also gives a veiled hint that he could tell the cops that Alan is really Ronald Holmes. He’s wanted in London for murder.

Time to do some experiments. The ashtray worked out but no such luck with the guinea pig. It ended up at least three times its size when brought back. They’ll fix that tomorrow. That night Alan sneaks into the lab with his trusty Minox camera and starts taking pictures. Police Inspector Evans comes out of the shadows to arrest him and take him back to London. Alan tosses him into the chamber and sends him on his way. When Alan brings him back he’s got the hands and feet of the guinea pig. For its part the guinea pig has human hands and feet. Alan bucks up and kills it but can’t clean the bloodstain off the floor.

Alan takes Evans’s body to the police car. He calls Max to meet him. Alan gets the car over a cliff and gets a lift back from Max.  In the lab Philippe surprises Alan with a visit. He starts asking questions and smoothie Alan has all the answers….except where those handcuffs came from. The two brawl and Alan throws him into the chamber. For good measure he tosses a fly in for company. He knows they make Philippe nervous but maybe he’d like the company. Fire up the high tech equipment and Phillipe and his pal are gone.

Now things get nasty….real nasty.

This movie proves you should leave well enough alone and refrain from making a sequel if you don’t have a script and the special effects are an embarrassment. The attempts at recreating the famous “Help Me” scenes from the first movie are just laughable.

Yes it will

Yes it will


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