Bioblast-Raymond Z.Gallun (1985)

raymond z gallun-bioblast

From scrawny kid to a Hercules like adult,Lance Tolliver could be the future of Mankind. He’s not sure what he is since he can heal the worst diseases. The book never really takes off. It’s mildly interesting but nothing to be in a hurry to read.

His parents worked in a nuke plant. His father died and then his mother committed suicide. Lance Tolliver was raised in a mental home where his mother dropped him off as a baby. He can’t read and rarely communicates. When he reaches seventeen he escapes. Two bikers think they can have some fun with him. He tears them to shreds.

He’s captured and taken to a different facility, Spruce Crest. Psychiatrists Ted Destin and Linda Abbott want to keep him there but the cops want him. Tolliver says he can communicate with his body and control blood vessels, bacteria etc. The head of Spruce Crest,Dr.Reginald Archmere wants to send Tolliver to the authorities but Destin wants to keep him for study. When he sees it’s not going to happen he and Linda take off with him.

Ted has a cousin Cara who is a naturalist and has a cabin in the wilds of subarctic Canada.  The trio meets Cara who is waiting in her camper. Over time the skinny Tolliver catches fish and eats them live like an animal. One day Cara gets a little frisky with him and he takes full advantage. Yes, they are now a couple. Destin falls seriously ill. Tolliver exchanges blood with him and cures him.

Tolliver has really bulked up and a decision is made, thanks mostly to the harsh winter weather, to go back. A search party led by Archmere finds them. Against orders the party opens fire on Tolliver. They were supposed to use rubber bullets. Tolliver is wounded in the left lung and runs off. He can’t be found and everyone returns home.

Tolliver uses his genetic talents to survive. He eats wolves raw and has given himself a bad odor to keep people away from him. It’s not long before people start Big Foot rumors. Finally he decides to turn himself in. He charges into a weather station and yells over the radio that he’s ready to turn himself in.

Back in civilization he has to face trial for murder. Before that he uses his talents to cure cancer and other serious diseases. Now it’s time for the trial. To Gallun’s credit he doesn’t stretch it out. Afterwards Tolliver goes back to curing people. Now things are going from edgy to nasty and a couple talk hosts stir up the population. There are huge demonstrations that in some cases turn violent.

The book doesn’t live up to its potential and gets more bland than digging into the story and making things really interesting. It’s a time passer if there’s not too much around but nothing to make an effort to hunt up.

Raymond Z.Gallun

Raymond Z.Gallun


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2 Responses to Bioblast-Raymond Z.Gallun (1985)

  1. Joseph Nebus says:

    Good grief, Raymond Gallun was still writing in 1985? He was born during the Carthaginian Wars!

  2. vintage45 says:

    He wrote several short stories after this. He died in 1994. Bioblast was his last novel. I think Jack Williamson is the only author whose career ran longer.

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