Ma And Pa Kettle (1949)

ma and pa kettle 1949

Second entry in the popular film series starring Marjorie Man and Percy Kilbride as Phoebe “Ma” Kettle and Frank “Pa” Kettle.

The Kettles’ live in a run down farmhouse with their fifteen kids. Actually it’s fourteen since the oldest, Tom, is away at college. The Mayor and town council of Cape Flattery, Washington want the whole gang to get out because their place is an eyesore and they want to have it condemned.

Pa wins a slogan contest for a tobacco company and the grand prize is the model home of the future. All he really wanted was a free tobacco pouch.

Tom Kettle (Richard Long) has graduated and is on his way back. He’s developed a new incubator for chicken eggs. On the train he meets Kim Parker (Meg Rendall). She’s a magazine writer. They talk about rich people versus poor people and Tom puts her on by saying he’s from a very rich family. Kim ends up walking out of the dining car and away from him.

The Kettles’are taken to their new dream house. There’s even a TV interview. Inside it’s loaded with push button panels. One operates the home entertainment center complete with radio, record player and big screen TV. Some doors work by an electric eye and there are other gadgets including an infra ray oven. While the kids are unloading everything to go inside Kim shows up. She spots Tom and  he tells her he doesn’t want her articles to make fun of the family. She says he can read them before she sends them in.

Pa is chosen as director of the county fair and that gets Birdie Hicks all upset. That job used to automatically go to her. Outside the house fast talking salesman Billy Reed (Emory Parnell) pulls up. He hands out calendars. They have the same slogan Pa won the contest with and Birdie thinks Pa stole it from Billy. She reports him to the company.

Pa finally decides to shave. He wants more light and pushes a button. He doesn’t realize it’s for sun lamps over the mirror. He ends up with a bad sunburn. Ma convinces him it’s scarlet fever. Birdie returns with a company official. She spills the beans and tells Pa it’s just sunburn.

Pa has had it with the house and moves back to the farm. Ma and the kids stay. The company thinks Pa really did steal the slogan and tells Ma she and her brood have got to go. The kids get their slingshots out and Ma grabs her rifle. They’re not going quietly. Kim may be able to help as she and Tom get closer.

If you’re looking for corny fun then…here it is.

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2 Responses to Ma And Pa Kettle (1949)

  1. Joseph Nebus says:

    I am shocked to think how old I was before I realized the oversized family of hick farmers in some Walter Lantz cartoons was a Ma and Pa Kettle ripoff.

  2. vintage45 says:

    As the old saying goes:”Imitation is the sincerest form of forgery.”

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