Chocky-John Wyndham (1968)

john wyndham-chocky

An eleven year old boy has an imaginary friend. Then again, maybe the entity isn’t so imaginary. The book is aimed at a young readership. Nothing offensive.

Matthew Gore says a female named Chocky has been asking him questions about everything. She thinks things like cars are stupid and can’t believe Earth hasn’t gotten past the wheel. She’s not too kind about space travel either.

Some of Matthew’s teachers say he’s asking a lot of questions about math and geography that are about new ways of doing things. The questions are above his level.  His father David found some sketches Matthew made in art class. Matthew says Chocky guided him and that’s why they look different.  David thinks a psychiatrist friend should talk to him.

Dr.Ron Landis tells David and Mary Gore that Chocky may be possessing Matthew. Hw admits that may not be the right word to use. Mary isn’t happy and doesn’t think Matthew should talk to him anymore.

David finally buys the station wagon he’s always wanted. One day he sees a very upset Matthew in the driveway looking at the car. He says Chocky has been making fun of the car.

The family goes on vacation by the seaside. Some friends and their kids went with them. Due to a boating accident Matthew was able to save his younger sister Polly from drowning. The surprising part is that he can’t swim. He says he just followed instructions.

David sees him talking with a younger man but doesn’t think anything of it. A local man from a swimming club says Matthew deserves a medal. The man Matthew was talking to turned out to be a reporter. The newspaper story says Matthew was accompanied by a guardian angel.

One morning David is listening to the BBC. He hears Matthew being interviewed. A reporter called the house and talked to Matthew over the phone. Matthew said he didn’t have a guardian angel and didn’t mention Chocky. He promises his parents that he wouldn’t mention Chocky to anyone.

The local paper prints another story after tricking Matthew into an interview. He stayed quiet about Chocky. His art teacher submitted one of Matthew’s drawings to an exhibit without his knowledge. Mary goes ballistic as it’s printed in the paper. David met with hi friend Dr.Landis and he suggested an expert in the field should talk with Matthew. The press won’t leave them alone and Matthew is kidnapped after school.

Young readers that like adventure and detective stories will find this way too slow for them but those more into fantasy may like it.


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